Hypoglycemia – Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, high, low blood sugar. . Symptoms, signs are excessive thirst, dizziness, sudden vision problems, lack of energy.

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Too high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or too low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is a reflection of pancreas- malfunction of the pancreas.
Do you have problems with blood sugar problems, do not know the cause, the solution?

Common hidden cause of the malfunctioning of the pancreas:

Hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, high, low blood sugar,balancing, healer

 Earth radiation magnetic field Hartmann cross, the underground water vessel to the region of the abdominal cavity may also be caused by improper (hypo hyper) function of the pancreas and hence of diabetes, inflammation, as well as cancer of the foot. This action results in such a way that the person is either high blood sugar and high blood sugar or low.

Long-term condition of elevated blood sugar leads to the failure of many organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, eyes, blood vessels, nerve damage ..), in some cases, damage to blood vessels, especially capillaries leads to gangrene leg, toe, foot. . Regulates blood sugar is essential for health.


Geopathic radiation (so called Geopathic stress zone)  cause changes already at the cellular level and from here to the organs. Certain cells are modified so their actions start to act for themselves and not for the community, and this leads to benign or malignant changes in cells whose start is practically impossible to determine on the basis of modern medical tests -Electronic microscopes (due to both low initial structures, which the human eye can not detect). Also, a man natural Earth radiation can not detect free, as they are invisible, odorless, tasteless as well as technical (cell phones, transmitters, power lines), it is possible to detect a professional with appropriate devices.

ADDITIONAL FACTORS  at high / lower blood sugar levels

cholesterol (liver problem)
too high blood pressure (heart)

Tips to control blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia hypoglycemia)

Hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, high, low blood sugar,balancing, healer Our radiesthesia – dowsing) overview of harmful Earth radiation in beds in the room (bedroom, office, where common cause) radiation on neutral sites pancreas will not be additionally burdened and thus better function of it. If there is too high or too low blood sugar imbalance is reflected due to the malfunction of both, the pancreas and the liver.

Bioenergy / biotherapy for improving the function of the pancreas, thereby controlling blood sugar
Aura examinationincludes a review of biofield energy of the abdominal cavity (pancreas, liver)

Diet and nutrition

The diet include goat or cow whey 2-3 glasses per day (other milk products, milk, however, cancel)
Physical activity / day for at least half an hour
• Stop of smoking, alcohol drinking (if you enjoy)
daily control of blood sugar (domestic blood sugar levels)
Using our energy system Biostimulator, which improves blood circulation circulation and thereby improving the supply of organs after blood and oxygen, which is particularly disturbed in diabetic patients ,often have defects due to the blood vessels, especially in gangrene.


Hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, high, low blood sugar,balancing, healer

Rudolf Breuss, a renowned herbalist, which has heal over 50,000 cancer patients, in his book The treatment of cancer and leukemia repeatedly pointed out:

All cancer pacients  lying on the natural Earth radiation of uderground water veins, streams. Consequently, it is necessary Radiestesthesist ( dowser) to measure radiation in bedroom

Further notes that despite its effective herbal treatments will not cure if man continues to sleep on the harmful Earth radiation field – rays! Regulation of blood sugar in a natural way!

More about diabetes, gangrene examples can be seen here .. Too high as well as too low blood sugar causes many on a long-term systemic diseases of organs, failure.

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Notice: Naturally balance blood sugar is not replacement of medical healing at your doctor!