When we talk about the origin of the Earth radiation, it is divided into non-ionizing so called as Geopathic stress zone , which measuring RADIESTHESIA (DOWSING ) and technical radiation (electrosmog, power lines, domestic electrification, radiation from cell phones, electrical appliances, ..), as well as ionizing (radioactive radiation, nuclear power). On our website is a greater emphasis on non-ionizing geopathic magnetic field of Earth and technical radiation in terms of impact and consequences on our health.


vodno sevanjeAt different depths of the Earth held a number of underground water (water vessels), Hartmann and Curry net radiation, geological faults.All of these forms are called under the name – Geopathic stress zone, area or location of  “hiden” even cancer diseases.


As we all know in our blood is iron and iron reacts to the magnet Earth magnetic field / anomaly and in cases such of pathogenic field causes different diseases, depending where this pathogenic lines goes (on area of the body organs).

Hartmann’s network, crosses
Ernst Hartmann was first described rectangular grid of radiation in 1954, 1964, and publicly presented in his book “Cancer is a disease of location triggered off by geopathic stress “. Lines held in a magnetic field north – south, about 2 meters and east-west directions at approximately 2 ,5 meters. Fundamental orientation can fluctuate up to 10 degrees. Width lines are about 20-30 cm. Locations  where You sleep or work  (flat, house – bedroom, office), where Hartmann’s network of cross other lines (eg. underground water  currents, Curry lines..) , there is a risk to the health disease.

Picture example:  RADIESTHESIA OVERVIEW OF BED AND ANALYSIS: red lines show the Hartman radiation (Hartmann Cross), yellow color cosmic radiation, marked with blue color-underground water streams. As a result of a specific situation is a disease of the abdominal cavity, such intensity could cause even cancer.

Curry – diagonal grid
Discoverer, a doctor named dr. Manfred Curry has found a cosmic net.
Lines Curry wide as about 60 cm, are repeated at between 3 to 4 meters. This network of radiation is considered geobiological more harmful from the Hartmann grid.


All forms of geo (earth radiation, negative rays) become harmful when we (too) long exposed to it. It is not as important their polarity (positive or negative radiation). Radiation caused  changes already at the cellular level and from here to organs. Certain cells became modified so their actions start to act for themselves and not for the community, and this leads to benign or malignant changes in cells, whose start is practically impossible to determine on the basis of modern medical tests -Electronic microscopes (due to both low initial structures, which the human eye can not detect).

It‘s like a flood, when did this start? With the first drop of rain .. The cell is the basic building block of life. Radiation has impact on communication between cells, which are subsequently reflected in different- many unknown causes of diseases (various autoimmune diseases Multiple sclerosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, lupus, Hashimoto‘s syndrome, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease ) and other.

Influences, the effects of harmful  Earth radiation
The consequences of harmful Earth rays are displayed in the form of the disease even after two or three years  geopathogenic radiation exposure set reliably after a few years (it depends on their own strength, intensity combinations harmful radiations underground water, Hartmann and Curry grid).

FIRST SYMPTOMS, SIGNS of negative radiation- how can you detect them by yourself:

waking up at night at the same times (often between 1 and 3 am)
morning headaches, lack of energy
• frequent pain in the joints, spine, morning stiffness
• Health problems without cause”
becoming weaker immune system (increased susceptibility to diseases, eg. Frequent pneumonia, angina ..)
depression, psychological problems
when medical tests show no peculiarities



Well-known and reputable herbalist Rudolf Breuss, which curedover 50,000 cancer patients for whom medicine could no longer help, in his book The treatment of cancer and leukemia repeatedly reminding:


Keep in mind also that all cancer patients lying on the harmful water veins and therefore is necessary to check by radiesthesist (dowser) harmful radiation in the house (apartment, room). Furthermore, even Breuss mentions that his otherwise effective herbal cure can not help if man insists on harmful radiation in particular area of underground water prevent radiation therefore has a major role in health.

Certain people do not believe (usually due to ignorance) that there is radiation of underground water, and Hartmann, cosmic radiation no matter, the fact is that the consequences of  exists repeatedly verified (in our practice about over 19,000 times so much radiesthesie measurements were performed in our practice) .

RADIATION affect on all living nature, radiesthesia measurements

Not only on humans, Earth radiation have an impact on animals, plants .. The fact is that impact on plants can not be equated with humans. Suppose life of the tree is a few centuries, the dog lives indicative 12-15 years (one year dog is seven human years, one year, trees can be something human years), while the average man lives 75-80 years .. In accordance with this therefore has a negative radiation their proportional role.

Trees for example, begin to bend away from the radiation source to dry, even pets often suffer ..


Radiesthesia often discover the causes of disease and as such are recommended in terms such as preventing the spread of existing diseases for faster healing and prevent future illnesses. The most suitable health are neutral places to sleep, rest and work. These are places where there is no intersection or radiation in general (intermediate spaces).


In cases, where you can not moved your bed and You are located on harmful- disease  zone of harmful Earth rays, we recommended to use our unique bioenergetic system – BIOSTIMULATOR as a support at presents of diseases and also as prevention- protection against of Geopathic stress zone.


Because You sleep on unhealthy spot.

Do not let yourself health to a chance, call us now for tele – dowsing – professional radiesthesia measurements- detecting of Geopathic stress zone!



Radiation is energy transmitted in the form of high speed particles and electromagnetic waves. We are familiar with electromagnetic radiation in the form of visible light, radio and television waves, microwaves and so on. The nuclear industry is engaged in practices which expose people and the environment to far more powerful kinds of radiation: gamma radiation and alpha, beta and neutron particles.

You can’t see these kinds of radiation. You can’t smell them, taste them or even feel them unless the doses are high enough to burn your skin or burn out your nervous system. But any dose can do you damage.

While the health effects of sudden high doses of radiation are well documented, the effects of continual exposure to low level radiation are far more subtle, complex and insidious.

Alpha Radiation
A positively charged particle emitted by certain radioactive material consisting of two neutrons and two protons, the nucleus of a helium atom. A dangerous carcinogen when inhaled or ingested. Alpha radiation can penetrate the body to just below the dead skin, but is blocked by clothing or even a sheet of paper. When released inside our bodies from material we breathe or swallow, alpha rays are able to transfer their energy at short range to damage body cells.

Beta Radiation
A beta particle is a single high-energy electron moving at high speed and carrying a negative charge. They can travel about one metre through air and can penetrate the skin, to reach internal tissue. Can cause skin burns and, when ingested, cancer. Beta rays are especially dangerous when emitted inside the body.

Gamma Radiation
Gamma rays are electromagnetic waves or photons emitted from the nucleus (center) of an atom. They have no electrical charge and penetrate deeply into the body, or pass through it, creating ions as they collide with atoms along their path. Gamma rays are similar to X-Rays, but are much more powerful.

Neutron Radiation
Neutrons are the neutral particles that are normally contained in the nucleus of all atoms. Neutron radiation occurs when the nucleus of a heavy element like uranium decays into a lighter element and emits a neutron. In a nuclear reactor core or atom bomb, enough neutrons are released to split more uranium atoms, releasing more neutrons and creating a critical mass: a self sustaining reaction. In a nuclear weapon, the reaction is uncontrolled and leads to a massive explosion and burst of neutron radiation. In a nuclear reactor, the critical mass is ‘moderated’ or slowed, generating tremendous heat without actually exploding. Neutron radiation is perhaps the most dangerous for living creatures.


There are two basic types of radiation: ionizing and nonionizing.

Non ionizing radiation comes in the form of light, radio waves, microwaves and radar. At radiesthesia we measurement the basic radiations such as water currents, cosmic radiation and Earth natural radiation- Hartman. In certain conditions those radiations causes even cancer.

Ionizing radiation is radiation that produces immediate chemical effects on human tissue . X-rays, gamma rays, and particle bombardment (neutron beam, electron beam, protons, mesons, and others) give off ionizing radiation. This type of radiation can be used for medical testing and treatment, industrial and manufacturing purposes, weapons and weapons development, and more.

Radiation sickness results when humans (or other animals) are exposed to very large doses of ionizing radiation. Radiation exposure can occur as a single large exposure , or a series of small exposures spread over time

Radiation sickness is generally associated with acute exposure and haREIKIs a characteristic set of symptoms that appear in an orderly fashion. Chronic exposure is usually associated with delayed medical problems such as cancer and premature aging, which may happen over a long period of time.

The degree of illness (acute radiation sickness) depends on the dose and the rate of exposure. Exposure from x-rays or gamma rays is measured in units of roentgens. For example:

Total body exposure of 100 roentgens causes radiation sickness.
Total body exposure of 400 roentgens causes radiation sickness and death in half the individuals.
100,000 rads causes almost immediate unconsciousness and death within an hour

The severity of symptoms and illness depends on the type and amount of radiation, the duration of the exposure, and the body areas exposed. Symptoms of radiation sickness usually do not occur immediately following exposure.

Because it is difficult to determine the amount of radiation exposure from accidents, the best indications of the severity of the exposure are: the length of time between the exposure and the onset of symptoms, the severity of symptoms, and severity of changes in white blood cells.

Children who receive radiation treatments or who are accidentally exposed to radiation will be treated based on their symptoms and their blood cell counts. Frequent blood studies are necessary and require a small puncture through the skin into a vein to obtain blood samples.

The causes include:

Accidental exposure to high doses of radiation, such as in certain occupations
Exposure to excessive radiation for medical treatments (may include excessively high doses, excessive time of exposure, or excessive body areas exposed)

Radiation is energy in the form of waves or particles. The great majority of it occurs naturally and we are all exposed to it all of the time. It is all around us – in the atmosphere, the earth, our food our bodies and from cosmic rays from outer space and medical x-rays..

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