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Cookies are small files that a Web site sends to your browser, the browser you when you re-visit the website back to the server and you identify with this.
This ensures the normal functioning of the website, gathering statistics, and store passwords and other data that you are trying to provide a better and safer user experience.
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“Cookies” (Briefings USA) are small files that a Web site sends the user’s browser Internet browser by re-visiting the site back to the server and the user therefore identified. The web page for example. adapts ads recorded history visits stores settings and user names and passwords … – Gathers various, including personal information about the user.
Current legislation in the new Law on Electronic Communications (ZEKom-1) requires that each Web site that uses cookies, the user is given at least the following information:

what kind of cookies includes,
for what purpose it is collected and
manner of their use.

As most of the sites you are trying to cookies to provide better, faster and safer experience.

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FaceBook Social Plugins – Allows Facebook Social Plug-operation
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