Does energy healing really work you can see below. How works energy healing or healer, which is the best way of healing are most common questions. Especially is phenomena  when energy healer works on distance.

At present, it is difficult to explain scientifically how bioenergy actually works. However, the fact is that it works and it’s checked!

In some cases, energy healing is the only help when medicines fail. The fact is that certain people are still alive despite the poor prognosis.


How works distance energy healing?

Imagine a cell phone conversation. Each phone has its own frequency as well as a unique number. There are no two equal numbers. So, every human has its own unique frequency as well as DNA.


Energy, therefore, takes place in terms of frequency as diffusion. The energy healer sends healing frequencies in an encrypted mode to the client. Regardless of whether bioenergy is delivered live or remotely. To work remotely, it is advisable to send a picture of the face as it represents the code – the frequency of the treated.

Remote work takes place in a dimension where there is no space as time.

Each disease has a lower frequency than the potential of the diseased organ.

If bioenergy did not work, why would it be used at all?

It has been in worked ever since they were human – since its inception. Since we exist, there are diseases, both today and in the future and unfortunately more and more. As in the past, there were sorcerers, herbalists, shamans, bioenergetics -healers. Later, modern medicine evolved from existing medicine. From this development, meaning is the opposite of what it should be today.


You can also see some evidence that bio energy healing is working, new medical reports from people here proves.

And, interestingly, all this confirmed evidence was produced remotely, not live.

If bioenergy – energy healing does not work, how can kidney failure be improved, blood count corrected, etc.?

Energy healing, like the rest of the sciences, was primordial, primary and today it is designated as alternative sciences. The word “healing” has become “patented” and can only be used by official medicine.


We do not want to comment on this question, do not answer it, create your own opinion.

Gangrene on the foot as new proof that natural energy healing works – even remotely!

I’m Roman Vidic from Novo mesto, a diabetic patient with gangrene after amputation of the toes. After the amputation of two fingers, the gangrene spread to the other fingers. I have chosen therapies for you, and after the therapies, the condition of the diseased fingers improved dramatically. The spread of gangrene has stopped. During your therapy, I also purchased the recommended Biostimulator bioenergy system. I am very pleased with this, as wellness and sleep are much better. Greetings!

Alternatively, you can check out some other examples of gangrene feet here .. The picture says more than a thousand words ….

How does bioenergy work for animals, pets?

You can see an example of a liver cancer in a cat. Veterinarians said the cat only has 24 to 48 lives left. After the second energy therapy, he got appetite, energy of life, but he is still alive. More here …
How to prove it scientifically?

At the moment, this probably cannot be proven. The question, then, is to be better scientifically and proven ill or in a non-scientific way healthy?

Even the best bioenergetics in the World or a doctor abroad cannot help a person who does not want to be healed!

Bioenergy  -energy healing often goes beyond the boundaries of the human mind as knowledge!

As you can see, the results are there. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people do not want to be exposed to their names, surnames, results, so many are not.

At the moment, as mentioned earlier, the scientific work on energy healing cannot yet be explained. Facts, but evidence exists, that’s the main one!

Despite the evidence, are you still skeptical that bioenergy cannot help?

If that is the case, then it might not be the right time for you. Some people take some time to do this, weeks, maybe months, or of course never. But some stopped thinking because they were gone.

What is bioenergy performance, where does it help, what can I expect?

We estimate an estimated 95% performance, while 5% did not help people. There are other factors that are not directly related to biotherapy. The goal of biotherapy is to improve the quality of life in a natural way, without side effects. Success is considered to be a reduction in the symptoms of the disease or a complete rejection of the symptoms, which in turn means a better and better quality of life.

Where and in what diseases does bioenergy -energy healing help?

Bioenergetic – energy healer works for all kinds of health problems, the basis of which is to improve and strengthen the immune system. It often reduces stress, geopathic causes that affect the body during sleep, its own negative emotions and the wrong beliefs of the individual.

More about the diseases we are facing can be found at this link ..

How to survive in cancer and serious illnesses?

Bioenergy – energy healing can be a great complement to other treatments.

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