Remove insomnia


Biostimulator is sleeping gadget, which naturally improves sleep, has positive impact on the sleeping process and is recommended at sleep disorders, lack of energy, depression, and at the same time as bioenergy support at diseases. It improves blood circulation, especially recommended in situations of necrosis, gangrene, remove Geopathic stress Zone in bedroom ..

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Lack of energy


Chronic fatigue affects on the health and well-being. Often the long period without energy weakens our immune system, thereby increasing susceptibility to disease. Find out what are hidden causes, which deprive you of energy and cause malaise that you have no real intention and exhausted, learn more about how to get more energy in a natural way!

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Protection against geopathic stress zone


Biostimulator is geopathic protection product. It removale Geopathic stress zone in bed, neutralize harmful influences of underground water weins, Hartmann and Curry grid, bad spots. Second important thing, it supply more energy to the human, it is recommended as an bioenergetic support at diseases, for better and healthy sleep, raise immune system, pain relief therapy, anti inflammatory effects.

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