Electrosmog, electromagnetic radiation in flat, or in other words,  artificial radiation is intertwined in our working and living environment. In addition to natural radiation in our work thus also exists the technical radiation. This kind of radiations are non ionizing.

electrosmog radiation, electromagnetic radiation in flat, measurement radiations

Non-ionizing radiation is called electromagnetic radiation, having a lower frequency of ionizing radiation as well as enough energy for ionization of matter.

High-frequency electromagnetic radiation comprises a frequency of 30 kHz to 300 GHz. Frequency ranges are different, ranging from extremely low frequencies (ELF), medium frequency (MF), high frequency (HF) Radio and TV transmitters, very high frequency (VHF), ultra high frequency (UHF) radars, mobile telephony, super high frequency (SHF), extremely high frequency (EHF) .Unit the electric field strength is volts per meter (V / m).


Electromagnetic radiation artificial radiation is also called electrosmog radiation. What is the impact of radiation on humans and the environment? They can therefore technical radiation burdensome for health? There are undoubtedly important single intensity and time of exposure (dose received).

Radiation, or radiation, or radiation means waves. The energy of the electromagnetic radiation is dependent on the frequency higher than this, the larger the energy of the radiation.
The unit of electric field strength is volts per meter (V / m). Data for Slovenia in 2007-max. intensity of radiation is 12.9 V / m.


-effects of earth rays on the bio-system causing dysfunction at cell level

When electromagnetic radiations combine with Earth rays (Geopathic stress Zone – earth’s magnetic field), they together  became stronger. Also, although is electrosmog radiation low, sleeping on harmful Earth rays anyway causes diseases in different forms (chronical, cancer diseases).



Today our life without electricity is practically no longer imaginable: refrigerator, TV, electrosmog radiation, electromagnetic radiation in flat, measurement radiationscomputer, radio, mobile phone, washing machine and dryer, traffic signals, street lighting, and much more;
Now when you  read this text, you are exposed to a certain electric radiant – electrosmog radiation.
On the one hand we can talk about the positive, the other can be a reflection of the negative consequences of radiation load on our environment and health.


Different studies show different (non) effects of electrosmog radiation on health. Most of the conclusions of scientific studies is that these forms of radiation can cause health disorders, again certain scientific studies claiming the opposite, also of causing cancer.

Problems of electromagnetic radiation represent the heating tissue of the body (the inner layer of tissue), such as when using a mobile phone (head, opportunities tumor at the head of excessive use).
The problem of electromagnetic radiation is that they are invisible to our senses and insensitive.



Certain research on radiation exposure have shown a greater opportunity of stress, electrosmog radiation, electromagnetic radiation in flat, measurement radiationsdepression, cancer, headaches; Many people imagine that excessive radiation represent such as radar radiation, base stations, transmitters.  

But often forgotten (in several cases) that inadequate domestic electrical wiring and related electrical radiation (house) apparatuses and because of this You can also exceeded excessive strength (in work environments office) are much higher than the distant base stations or transmitters.

With proper connection, radiation can be reduced

It is also important to connect electrical appliances in the home or office and polarity  properly (+ ). In most cases, no matter how determined the appliance is plugged into the socket, but since this is about alternating current, all appliances still work. But with the proper switching of they can radiate significantly less. (eg. connect a water bed, an aquarium for fish ….)

The very intensity of radiation with distance from the radiation source also significantly decline. Measurement of electric fields allows the detection of the electric radiation and produce appropriate alternative solutions to reduce radiation in space.



electrosmog radiation, electromagnetic radiation in flat, measurement radiationsOur research small number of laptops (notebook) and personal (PC) computer show differences in favor of  PC, since only you proved that emit less than laptops. Between electromagnetic radiation include, for example, the power lines (transmission of electricity) telecommunication devices mobile telephony, television transmitters, electrical wiring in a house, household appliances, hair dryers, industrial machinery, etc...

Concerns whether these radiation harmful impact to our body (depending on the dose intensity and duration of radiation where it can truly the real border that it provides?

The current permissible in Slovenia, 2007, 12.9 V / m volt per meter data is from 2007) are not redundant, as more and more of this kind of technology that radiation contaminatesour environment. Here are the opinions of various experts in the field strongly divided, conflicting;

Conclusion: definitely better  less strength electrosmog as (too) high.


Electromagnetic radiation with a very high frequency and thus enough energy for ionization of matter that is ejected electrons from atoms. For this reason, the source name ionizationis the most dangerous to our health and ecology (appreciation, for example of Chernobyl).

We examine, tele –  dowsing technique  global grid systems created by cosmic radiation inter-acting with the earth’s magnetic field in the house, flat, bedroom – bed – measurements. Detection of Geopathic stress zone – avoid harmful geological fault lines, underground streams or recommending our unique system Biostimulator

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