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Are you skeptics about dowsing?

When working with border science such as RADIESTHESIA, Bio energy healing, Reiki, etc.., where we talk about energy (both positive and adverse), which we can not usually easy to detect with our senses, we can not see with eyes, what only to apprehend.

Of course in some people raises doubts, because “officially” that are not recognized science

Here it should be noted that official science, which can not prove or rebut, overruled.

But is it really all of that ??

Some of the key things that we find the official explanation of science in mathematics or any other human logic, despite the topic, we know that it exists, but without official explanation:

I’m sure you’ve heard that someone sleepwalking”. Such a person can actually walk on roofs, anywhere (without realizing it) and he (thank goodness) nothing happens, but if  we see such a person,  not call him, because otherwise it could happens him to fall, etc.;

(Personally, I met two such parties from my practices, but I will give one example: the Son, is about 5 years old a couple of times, he climbed through the window of the second floor with a pillow, came back through the front door and rang the block that his parents opened. Parents were shocked and still in fear. Well, this child is now thankfully, now an adult;


What would be scientifically explanation of that

So if science can not prove it, We can not say that it does not exist, is not it?

The following example example: Firewalking


Let us assume that the heat of the embers around 800-900 degrees Celsius. People  walk barefoot, so without no protective equipment (shoes=, usually without some consequences;

Here it is worth mentioning that those who lead it to last for preparing people to do throughout the day.
(In the past, I had a conversation with a very large skeptics, his university education in physics not allow such a thing, his comment was, that all is human psyche;

If this is the psyche, I said to him, can You turn this mathematically  or in physic – give me numbers or something. Psyche man, a man of thought, conscience so as subconscious are “our” energy and very strong, which again would be very difficult to scientifically prove; our simple explanation of walking on the fire arises from the fact, that  must be all chakras balanced, so that the energyheat, which passes through the feet, the smooth exit through the seventh chakra man (balance chakras)

• What about crop circles?

zitni krogi



Conspiracy theories and, or us poison with airplanes from the SKY”?


Photo was taken 07/20/2014 in Croatian Istria. If you take a closer look, left “beam“, a darker color, this is a completely stand out from the rest, including its duration was somehow 2-3 minutes. These dark rays were some ..

Approximately 2 days later, they were in Zadar (Croatia) severe flooding, and later again in Bosnia, well into this period onwards, the presence of the deadly Ebola in the world ..

Furthermore, we discuss in this period, some intestinal problems, and frequent cough ..

Conspiracy theory about the deliberate poisoning of humans and the environment (the so-called Chemtrail) also influence the weather over aviation fuel, which would bring mixed toxins or. deliberate spraying poisons into the atmosphere. On the other hand, however, scientists explain this as condensation trails of airplanes. Who to believe?

(Year 2014) This summer – is it summer or what- spring? Weather is no longer the same..

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Geopathic stress Zone – as origin of diesase

•BIOSTIMULATOR (bio energetic shield, for better sleeping, it improve blood circulation – the body get more oxyigen,  also serves as a protection , prevent against Geopathic stress zone (removal) – underground water veins, Hartmann lines and Curry lines crossing and as a bioenergetic support at diseases.

•TELE – RADIESTHESIA (distant measurements radiation, dowsing  in House, Apartment, Room, Bedroom, Office, most often cause of diseases)

AURA EXAMINATION (exam, examining your organs’ energy condition. It is also appropriate for examining the stomach, colons, intestine, duodenum, ileum, jejunum, apendix, colons transverse, colons ascending, rectum, caecum, sigmoid colon, organs and glands – discovering problems, diseases on time.


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