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Does distance energy healing really work?


Energy treatment is done in terms of frequency diffusion. The disease has always a lower energy potential. When there is a lack of energy in the organ or gland, disease occurs. An energy healer strengthens the weakened parts of the body and supplies energy. It also works remotely.

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Henoch Schonlein Purpura


Henoch Schönlein Purpura (HSP) causes inflammation of blood vessels -vasculitis, mostly in the legs, which appear as red-colored rash, the disease is more pronounced in children between 5 and 15 years of age. Symptoms and signs are usually fever, swelling around the knee and ankle and pain. In rare cases, it leads to complications such as internal bleeding. See more, how can be treatet on alternative natural way HSP ..

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurological disease that is more common in men. Usually they may occur after the age of 40. Early symptoms and signs show the weakness in the hands or feet, muscle twitching, and consequently produced muscular atrophy. See more about natural healing ALS, which can cause disease, naturally treating nervous system, which enable bioenergy - alternative medicine.

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Pain in shoulder, neck


Do you have a wear and chronic pain in the shoulder and neck, you can't lift your hand? Often there is a tingling hands, fingers during sleep. See the natural treatment, how to eliminate pain in the neck, shoulder and other joints, also when it comes to calcination, what are home remedies for relief pain ..

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Natural healing sugar disease


Treatment of diabetes is often very late, because its symptoms as signs usually long obscured. Sugar disease is a systemic disease and may cause the cancellation of a number of body organs. Bioenergy provides effective natural therapy and improves whole-body organs and their care.

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Natural healing thyroid


Thyroid gland has huge impact on human health. Diseases are present also at men, children, not only at women. It cause also female infertility, has impact on heart. Symptoms and signs are that you without vital energy, have nervous bowel syndrome,insomnia. What are hiden causes and how naturally remove problems...

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Chronic kidney failure


Chronic inflammation kidneys lead to failure. In many cases is diabetes cause of chronic failure organs such as kidney, heart, eyes. Let's see, how to improve kidney function naturally, prevent from dialysis, what kind is alternative treatment and what are hiden causes, whose disable cure..

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Epilepsy, natural healing


Epilepsy causing problems at older people or at child. Sometimes are causes uknown, but in our practice we find out most common cause represent Geopathic stress Zone, which could we detect with dowsing. See, how can remove epilepsy with biotherapy on natural way..

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Brain tumor, metastasis


How to remove a tumor naturally? Find out what are hiden causes of diseases as cancer, metastasis. Brain tumor is present at al kind of people-older, at child. Symptoms and signs depends of that, how large tumor is and where is located. Alternative healing with bioenergy works also on distance in case of urgently help. Results are the same as in live..

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Alternative healing liver


The liver has great importance for our health. How healthy they are, because the symptoms and signs of disease are very late. We recommend an alternative review liver with GDV Aura, where is visible lesions of the disease much before the advent of the physical form, where healing is already late. What are non-alcoholic causes, which burden the liver, as well as alternative therapy for improve liver function ...

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Alternative healing heart


How naturally the heart of the problem? High blood pressure fluctuation in the pressure leads to damage to the heart muscle. A great emphasis in the development of heart disease also have kidney and thyroid gland. See what kind is alternative treatment for heart failure, when present failure, what are the effective domestic medicines for heart, causes, symptoms and signs ..

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Healing asthma


Allergic asthma is a chronic lung disease. It causes shortness of breath at rest as well as with exertion, sport or at night during sleep, when the sleep impedes irritating cough. It is often observed that chronic causes is from geopathic nature. Learn how to improve lung function in a natural way, what is the effective treatment of asthma and COPD. Relief breathing and improve your quality of life!

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