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Dowser (radiesthesist) search for a healthy place for sleep. Dowsing (radiesthesia) is technique for measuring radiation, searching of underground water veins, hartmann and curry lines. Dowser could distance dowsing. Those radiations we call Geopathic stress Zone, which in long term exposure may cause differnet kinds of diseases, such is atoimmune  diseases, cancer diseases, sleep disturbances..

Quick overview of use

dowser, dowsing, radiesthesia, measurement radiation, geopathic stress zonehealth, alternative healing, alternative diagnosis
measurements of Earth radiation load on the body, organs
bedroom, children’s bedroom, in search of favorable positions for healthy sleeping. Dowsing radiation (energy in the room)
finding- searcing for lost objects, persons, identifyings suitability of food –  distance dowsing
• dowser search of water veins, underground water streams, Hartmann and cosmic grid (GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONE)
Tele – radiesthesia (determination on distance) without the physical presence


Order distance dowsing of geopathic stress zone


The following is a 10 short questions are asked us from the newspaper of media and Altera answers

1.Tell us, what is  Radiesthesia?

Radiesthesia (dowsing) is the science which examines the different radiation (underground water currents, the Earth’s natural radiations -Hartman radiation and cosmic Curry grid. Radiation transmitting means certain energy, which radiesthesist (dowser)  can be measured with specialized measurements and accessories. Each subject thus emits a vibration (frequency ) and the intensity of radiation.

2.How many people have trouble with sleeping due to harmful radiations?

According to our estimates have trouble sleeping between 25 and 30% of the people, already we seeing a greater increase in problems at  younger population (20 – 30 years)

3.What kind of Earth radiations – rays are harmful for human?

We must emphasized that it is not only harmful radiation, but also exists  the positive Earth  radiation. For harmful radiation includes, in particular junction radiation (node, Cross point, where the radiation intersect).

In particular, we would like to emphasized the imbalance, due to the excessive length of stay in the same room such as a bedroom, office. Radiation in these cases are present continuously at the same in specific parts of the body, limbs, organs and glands. Consequently, there is a overload of these areas, which can be seen in disorders and problems or illnesses.

To facilitate the understanding of balance, let’s take for example, radiation from the sun. Less exposure to sunlight is beneficial but prolonged exposure can harm as well. Also too much sun means too little water (rain), conversely, too much rain means flooding. None of this imbalance is not right, also with other fields of radiation and as well as other factors.

4. Can harmful radiation harm on us while sleeping?

In practice, we observed that could adversely radiation causes many problems and diseases as well, and unfortunately the cancer. Dowser measuring the radiation to determine which type or types of radiation goes (water flow, Hartman radiation, radiation Curry), and the location,  before where radiation takes place within the body. Thus, it is possible to determine the causes of health problems and therefore advise. You can replaced position of bed on other, neutral place or use protection from Geopathic stress Zone.

5. May cause different diseases? If yes, what kind of diseases?

During the first basic factors certainly fall sleep, sleep disturbance or even insomnia, morning headache, diseases of the head, lack of energy humans, chronic fatigue, rheumatic diseases, diseases of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, lungs and glands.

6. How to check” if the harmful radiation is in Bedroom?

Does this necessarily need Radiesthesist (dowser)? You may be able to help themselves?
Where often feel bad in a certain area, it may be a good sign that it is a harmful radiation, especially if smewhere else feel good. There are many cases where for example people prefer to sleep in the living room,  not in the bedroom . The minor problems we can help ourselves so that, for example, in the bedroom try to turn the position of  bed. After some time, You will find the resulting changes  but in severe cases without the help of Radiesthesist (dowser) can not go.

7. How much is truth in the words that the harmful energy where the cat curls into a ball?

This is the truth,  where the cat likes to keeps is therefore the place, where energy is harmful to humans and there is no longer a good retention (especially the bedroom, the office). Therefore, we say that a cat is a good indicator – a dowser.
8 What makes your work help?
Classic accessories are varied, pendulum and electronic devices for detecting radiation.

9. How many people seek help from you?

We have to say that for the measurement of radiation decided by a large number of people and more and more, knowing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. So RADIESTHESIA is a very good way to improve human health in a natural way (for example, the movements of the body from harmful radiation areas).

Dowsing  technique offers, therefore in terms of their alternative methods natural treatment- the reduction of radiations or  replacement positions beds from  harmful Earth radiation – rays or  eliminate radiations by  our unique system-Biostimulator.



In particular, underground water veins, Hartmann and cosmic radiation have influence on cells while sleeping.
Examples from practice also show many problems, diseases caused by Earth natural radiation – represent the real (hiden) cause in many cases for different kinds of disease.

Also:  if You suffer from cancer, not consum sugar, meat products..


dowser, dowsing, radiesthesia, distance dowsing, geopathic stress zone

•BIOSTIMULATOR (bio energetic shield, for better sleeping, it improve blood circulation.The body get more oxyigen,  also serves as a protection, prevent against Geopathic stress zone (removal) – of underground water veins, Hartmann lines and Curry lines crossing and as a bioenergetic support at diseases.

•DOWSER – TELE – RADIESTHESIA (distant- remote measurements radiation, dowsing  in House, Apartment, Room, Bedroom, Office, most often cause of diseases)

AURA EXAMINATION (exam, examining your organs’ energy condition. It is also appropriate for examining the stomach, colons, intestine, duodenum, ileum, jejunum, apendix, colons transverse, colons ascending, rectum, caecum, sigmoid colon, organs and glands – discovering problems, diseases on time.



Biostimulator protection, neutralisation, blocker, elimination of underground earth radiations

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