Why is useful Aura imaging?  (analysis, photo, measurement, diagnosis human Aura,imaging, control, exam

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is completely harmless. Status analysis shows us which organs are not working at their optimum energy capacity and can cause different kinds of problems, even if they are not yet fully developed (early detection). Any unusual sample we get with aura photography means a change in certain areas (organs) of the body.

● Are you experiencing problems but don’t know the cause?
● Is your sleep impaired?
● Do you have chronic health problems?
● Are you too tired?
● Do you need an additional opinion?
• Have You some problems, but you don’t know why?
•  when medical tests show no peculiarities

Photography (recording) of your Aura can find the problems !!!



Notice: The pictorial representation shows problems of Thyroid gland and Intestine (aura image)



WHAT IS KIRLIAN GDV CAMERA? Aura imaging Gdv Kirlian photography device

GDV camera of dr. Korotkov is the first device ever, that measures distribution of energy bundle at biological objects and also enables objective explanation of energy characteristics on scientific level.

Reading of aura enables us to see much more than physical body. With application of modern GDV technology is possible to carry out innovative experiments on the area of telepathy, telekinesis and energetic healing. Special techniques for examination of the changes of the state of individual in meditation, spiritual healing and training were developed. The field of healthy, active individual is dense, unite, the colours slightly vary from blue to orange and yellow. Gaps and flames are indicators of interruptions in distribution of energy in energetic field. They are showing the disturbances on spiritual level, functional level and on the level of organs.

Because of  very high sensibility it is enabled view in earlier conditions, when disease is still not manifest. Review Aura enables review more than just in the physical body. Using  moderen GDV technology is possible monitored in any kind (alternative or official) of treatment  a person.  There was developed specially technics to checking condition of the person.

The scientific development of new instruments always leads to new perception of reality. Lack of microscope, telescope, roentgen and ultrasound would make the modern science powerless.

With development of computer supported GDV technique based on well known Kirlian effect, we got relatively simple tool. Modern science means: optical glass fibbers digitalized TV matrix, processing of images with capable computers – all these established the basis for introducing this technique in scientific practise. This is the first tool that enables us to visualize distribution of human energetic field, everything became easier for reproduction, graphical analysis ..



aura 2-animHuman Biofield, review:  photo Aura enables inspections of organs and glands in earlier stage: discover, discovering human aura

● Head area – Cerebral zone, Pineal, Pituitary gland , Hypothalamus, Endocrine system, Nervous system

– eyes, nose, ear, jaw,

–  tonsils, thyroid gland

●THORAX – lung, mammary glands, throat, trachea

●HEART – blood circulation, coronary vessels, lymph

●ABDOMINAL ZONE: adrenal gland, colon:  small intestine- ascending, descending, transverse,  ileum, sigmoid, rectum, caecum, apendix, duodenum

Pancreas, liver, spleen;

● UROGENITAL SYSTEM: kidney, adrenal glands

● SPINE – dorsal spine, lumbal , cervical, sacral, coccyx

Kirlian Aura GDV is able to serve as an extremely powerful and comprehensive medical diagnostics tool, capable of showing malfunctions of the body and mind long before any physical symptoms become evident.

Preventive tests / investigations of Aura, rather than wait until emergency treatments and surgery are required.

Notes: Aura imaging does not replace examination by a doctor or a specialist!


Discover problems with your Health


1. We insert the fingers of the left hand and the fingers of the right hand into a specially designed camera and the image is then transferred into a computer. (Note: Every finger is divided into sectors linked to different organs and glands.)

2. All data collected is additionally processed by software using corrections.

3. Status analysis and check-up (3D-view of aura, organ and chakra diagrams).

4. The results are printed out.








LEFT: computer processed imagery allows REVIEW BY SECTORBODIES




Photography Aura, advanced technology
The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is completely harmless. Status analysis shows us which organs are not working at their optimum energy capacity and can cause different kinds of problems, even if they are not yet fully developed (early detection).

With recording of your Aura we can detect problems of organs and glands of the body. Measurements of Aura for better Health!

Important Notice: Persons with overlong nails, as well as persons whose missing more than two fingers, review Aura not possible! In human aura are all  data of diseases.

OPTIONAL: At least an hour before the examination Aura do not consum booster drink, do not smoke, eat due to the specificity review! Aura imaging by Kirlian photography

“ALTERA, YOUR FIRST ALTERNATIVE  CHOICE- WHEN QUESTION GET AN ANSWER”  Aura imaging Kirlian photography can detect health problems.

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