Bioenergy – biotherapy

Henoch Schonlein Purpura


Henoch Schönlein Purpura (HSP) causes inflammation of blood vessels -vasculitis, mostly in the legs, which appear as red-colored rash, the disease is more pronounced in children between 5 and 15 years of age. Symptoms and signs are usually fever, swelling around the knee and ankle and pain. In rare cases, it leads to complications such as internal bleeding. See more, how can be treatet on alternative natural way HSP ..

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurological disease that is more common in men. Usually they may occur after the age of 40. Early symptoms and signs show the weakness in the hands or feet, muscle twitching, and consequently produced muscular atrophy. See more about natural healing ALS, which can cause disease, naturally treating nervous system, which enable bioenergy - alternative medicine.

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Pain in shoulder, neck


Do you have a wear and chronic pain in the shoulder and neck, you can't lift your hand? Often there is a tingling hands, fingers during sleep. See the natural treatment, how to eliminate pain in the neck, shoulder and other joints, also when it comes to calcination, what are home remedies for relief pain ..

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Epilepsy, natural healing


Epilepsy causing problems at older people or at child. Sometimes are causes uknown, but in our practice we find out most common cause represent Geopathic stress Zone, which could we detect with dowsing. See, how can remove epilepsy with biotherapy on natural way..

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Brain tumor, metastasis


How to remove a tumor naturally? Find out what are hiden causes of diseases as cancer, metastasis. Brain tumor is present at al kind of people-older, at child. Symptoms and signs depends of that, how large tumor is and where is located. Alternative healing with bioenergy works also on distance in case of urgently help. Results are the same as in live..

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Remove insomnia


Biostimulator is sleeping gadget, which naturally improves sleep, has positive impact on the sleeping process and is recommended at sleep disorders, lack of energy, depression, and at the same time as bioenergy support at diseases. It improves blood circulation, especially recommended in situations of necrosis, gangrene, remove Geopathic stress Zone in bedroom ..

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Right position bed in bedroom


Right position of bed enable Health. How we can now, where we can positionig it in bedroom? Dowsing is correct answer, to avoid Geopathic stress Zone which cause numerous of diseases, not only sleeping problems. It is not always right direction of slep North - head and South - legs. Each of us live -sleep on different location, that is general reason to be checked by dowser. See why...

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Gangrene, diabetic leg, fingers


Diabetic gangrene is curable! See the results of biotherapy. In many cases no needed to amputation foot, fingers or legs. Biotherapist improve whole body circulation, work of pancreas and heart, which is the most problem at disease. Weak blood circulation cause low suply to the organs and extremitetes and forming necrosis. Alternative treatment, natural healing is possible also on distance!

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Protection against geopathic stress zone


Biostimulator is geopathic protection product. It removale Geopathic stress zone in bed, neutralize harmful influences of underground water weins, Hartmann and Curry grid, bad spots. Second important thing, it supply more energy to the human, it is recommended as an bioenergetic support at diseases, for better and healthy sleep, raise immune system, pain relief therapy, anti inflammatory effects.

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Bioenergy distance healing


Bioenergy distance healing - everything is possible! There is no time and space, so distance " not exist", exist only in head. Results of distant biotherapy are equally as in live, here is no doubt. Medical investigation shows effects on treated persons. Here is no limit, alternative healing is possible for all diseases!

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Hypo – Hyperglycemia


Hyperglycaemia- too high blood sugar as well as hypoglycaemia (too low blood sugar) is a reflection of improper functioning of the pancreas which results in diabetes. Tips to control blood sugar, improve the function of the pancreas, common causes for failure of the pancreas.

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Source of radiation consequences and symptoms


Verified: Radiation causes the disease already at the cellular level and from here to the organs and glands. Certain cells are modified so their actions start to act for themselves and not for the community, and this often leads to benign or malignant changes in cells!

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