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1.Protect of personal data – ZVOP-2, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Personal data sent through the website contact form under the new EU Directive is adequately protected according to the standards of personal data protection and Internet protocols. The Service Provider undertakes to carefully protect all the personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the EU-GDPR Principles. The same applies to all other forms of communications such as phone, sms and mms , or in the case of the need for other information such as image material. All personal data is intended exclusively for the purpose of your demand and is maintained until the realization of the services or services. Without those personal data informations, the services would not be possible. Personal data will be deleted if requested by the user, insofar as this is done in writing by the user within 15 days of the registration of personal data.

2. Terms of use of the service provider

Web site purpose of general information to improve the quality of life of people. Can be the outdated nature. It not representing any diagnosis and it is not replacement for medical treatment, medical examinations, analysis.

Treatment with bioenergy does not replace medical treatment and serves only as a supplement. In case of problems, illness, consult your doctor. Treatment with bioenergy does not provide a cure, but it is your constitutional right, which can take advantage of. It is important to also take note that official medicine and medical treatment is only effective and proven method of treatment. Bioenergetic therapy is practiced on the basis of a diagnosis given from the official medicine – when medicine can not help You.

Author website assumes no responsibility physical or moral nature linked to any risk or loss, any directly or indirectly created as a result the entire contents of this website as well as in the case of the implementation of the single bioenergetic therapy counseling.

Biotherapist also does not impose any diagnosis, as well as all improve the health and well-being can be confirmed only professional by doctor or specialist, which on the basis of new reviews ordered further treatment and medication, or terminate treatment, to the extent that it would no longer be necessary.

The content of the website is information of a general nature and may be outdated. If you are not sure about the accuracy of the information listed on this website, always contact the appropriate institution of new findings and treatments, which offers the official medicine.

Users treatment services bioenergy accept and understand all of these terms and conditions and fully agree with them. -Age persons as well as persons with special needs biotherapy carried out solely accompanied by a parents or. Trustees.

Bioenergy is also carried out on animals – before biotherapy consult with your veterinarian, biotherapy is not a substitute for treatment at the vet, we only offer advice in raising quality of life.


The company ALTERA Roman Svetlin sp, Na ledinah 10, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia, EU declares:

All dates, which are presented in the sentence elements connections for ease of understanding on web pages and subpages are meant to be and the only advice:

These termins are: healing, alternative healing, help, bioenergy therapy, biofrequency Organetik, Radiesthesia- dowsing;

ALTERA Roman Svetlin sp, Na ledinah 10, 1230 Domžale implemented in all areas such as RADIESTHESIA, Bioenergy, imaging Aura GDV, Biofrequency Organetik, advice, we do not offer treatment, we offer help. Recommended for personal improvement of the quality of life.

All content of the website is general informational purposes only and does not constitute a diagnosis. The diagnosis can be placed professionally by a doctor or specialist in official school of medicine. Healing you can only do a doctor or specialist and making diagnosis. All users of our service are unconditionally fully agree with this legal notice in whatever form ordering service (phone or email, skype..).

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