Electroacupunctur diagnosis Eav, body examination organs and glandsElectro acupunktur diagnosttics ( EAV) based on the metod, which developed german doctor Voll before 30 years ago. Mehtod is scientific certifiesIn principle it is a measure of bioenergy in the initial and end points of acupuncture meridians, which are located on the hands or feet. Each meridian is associated with a specific meridian, or an organic system. Based on the results of measurements determine the state organs.

The energy in the acupuncture points of the signal emitted by the organism

Through a device, the signal is transferred to the apparatus and converted into a signal which can be measured.The ideal value is 55 units. Tolerances are between 45 and 70 units. The closer the value of 55 units of the indicator, the more a person is healthy. All other deviations represent abnormal organ function. It can go to deficit the deficit or excess excess energy. With Eav device is very easy to measure, even if a certain food, homeopathic medicine, etc.  has the benefits or not.
Exam organs and glands takes about 15 min. and it is completely painless and recommended  for all ages.

 0 – 45 finally degeneration
 45-70  normal condition
 55  ideal condition
 70 or more excited state

Exam organs

Acupuncture points on the fingers of a hand an overview:

Electroacupunctur diagnosis Eav, body examination organs and glands

lymph: tonsils, jaw, nose cavum, lymph nodes
•nerve system
•blood circulation
•allergys, influences
•stomach area, head
Endocrine glands: the gonads, adrenal glands, the thymus, hypophysis


In cases of diseases, we advice You alternative methods of healing such as:

•BIOENERGY TREATMENT – biotherapy (energy healing) also works on distance!

BIOSTIMULATOR  – as a long term support at most health problems.  It works anti inflammatory, pain relief, supply more energy to the body and also is geopathic neutraliser -protection against Geopathic stress Zone in flat or office.

Most “hidden” health problems origin from Earth radiations such as underground water veins, Hartman and cosmics radiation during sleep. They have harmful influences on our health, reducing the immune system, which caused open way to disease different forms as chronic, auto immune disease and cancer.

Notes: EAV electroacupuncture diagnostic by dr.Voll is unofficial nature. In case of difficulties or illness and treatment consult with your doctor!

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