Distance energy healing – biotherapy BQT

Biotherapy serves often also as distance energy healing. Healing touch often goes beyond the boundaries of reason. Alternative energy healing often helps when medicines are not effective. Energy healer -biotherapist could work remote. Distance energy healing is natural way of help and results are the same as in live. Biotherapist transmits healing frequencies through the hands to treated person or animal.

Energy therapies raising immune system for better resistant from viruses, bacterias and consequently from diseases. Energy healer perform target therapy for disease of treated person.

distance energy healing, energy healer, remote energy healing, healing touchComplementary forms of treatment (bio-energy) is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1976, when there was a need to move the scientific frontiers.

In this way, he established a basis for the development and increasing the reputation of the “new” approaches to the treatment of the human bioenergy principles.

The method of treatment BQT (bioquant therapy) is however based on raising the human immune system, which provide bio-energy a energy healer Roman Svetlin.

Natural healing works effective also remote, distnace energy healing. The main thesis of this method of treatment is to improve the immune system of a person (the only doctor of the body“).

Where can distance energy healing help?

At all kind of problems, diseases. Energy healing works any time and everywhere. When you suffer from pain, have autoimmune diseases, cancer, metastases, organ failure, artificial coma, to much stress, sleep problems. More about diseases you could find here..

Influence sleep on our health

Sleep has major influence on our health, more than you can imagine. Global sleep research has shown an association with many diseases. Sleep disturbances may caused heart diseases, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, depression and some forms of cancer.

The same conclusion confirmed Rudolf Breuss in book Healing  cancer and leuchemia, also dr. Budwig, dr. Ernest Hartmann, dr. Curry Manfred and many others.  So, also geopathic stress zone have a major influence on health. Those Earth’s radiation in some situations lower immune system while sleeping.

Biotherapy also work on the distant – distance energy healing!

We need photo of your face, description of health problems, your contact information. Communication could be via skype, viber, mail if you are from other country. The therapeutic cycle lasts 3 consecutive days.

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Bioenergy, biotherapy, energy healer

distance energy healing, energy healer, remote energy healing, healing touchBioenergy is present in all forms of life. In other cultures is called prana- pranotherapist, energy healer.

Energy in humans intertwined in a spiral form (front and rear side of the body).

Bioenergy have all living beings, some more, others less.

Biotherapist, energy healer, radiesthesist- dowser usually have higher than average bioenergy potential and radiate energy through his hands or chakras (biotherapy).

Disease is disbalans energy

 Energy healer helps balance energy in humans  blockages -diseases. Primarily are caused blockages in the chakras, energy vortices, which regulate glands and organs.

Due to the nature of their work, we need energy clean” so as bioenergetics as radiesthesist, because we accept negative energy.
One of the basics of cleaning”   is meditation, but there exists still other techniques.

 Where to acquire human bio energy?

Bio energy is obtained from the Universe (cosmic energy) and from Earth. Cosmic energy enters through the seventh chakra (head), ground in the area (1.chakra). These energies are united in our body. It means Yin and Yang energy.

When the chakras are sufficiently open to the flow of energy, man gets a sufficient amount of energy, which allows health.


When a man gets sick?

Usually this is when the system collapses balance (or Yin and yang)’s own bio energy. Our sleep is more important factor of health. We need sleep as air or food.

When immune system is weak, we are more vurnable to viruses, diseases. It can overlook changed cells and not destroy them. Cells could be benignant or in cancer forms.

What can be the causes of imbalance and bioenergy?

distance energy healing, energy healer, remote energy healing, healing touchThe causes are varied from harmful  geopathic radiation, stress, depression, poor sleep, imbalance between work and rest, care, unhealthy food

Bioenergy produced supplies to the organs, glands, nerves, brain, etc.. Organs for their work need a sufficient amount of energy (bioenergy).

Where is their energy ballanced, means that we are healthy.

But the problem arises when gland has  not enough power and no longer can function optimally.

In practice means that starting certain other organs / glands assume their work and consequently start to die off too a chain reaction.

Excessive consumption of energy and absorb it also means that the chakras of the body begin to block, turn slow. Therefore it is necessary to heal both body and spirit.
Bioenergy is therefore completely natural healing method forms of assistance, which origins far into the past.



distance energy healing, energy healer, remote energy healing, healing touchOur standard  examination of the body resulting from the imaging of Aura GDV. This is a method of detecting irregularities problems of energy in organ. Deficit energy  in organ is recognized abroad.

Picture of Aura on left side shows problems on liver, thyroid gland, whorse is circulation in legs. Where is Aura interrupted, there is the focal point of disease.

We recommend also bioenergy review dwellings, as on the basis of professional measurement of radiation usually determine the cause, causing or blockage in a specific area of the body, problems and diseases.

Bioenergetic can determine the state of blockages of the chakras, organs, state Aura with the third eye (6.chakra), improperly spaced energy advice for specific biotherapy.
The combined method is the use of the device the pendulum, which serves both as a bioenergetic as radiesthesist.

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BIO FREQUENCY THERAPY ORGANETIK (quantum physics, energy therapy through the appliance)


Need our help bioenergy therapy?

Energy healer could help you in the most of health problems, diseases. Biotherapist as basic raise immune system. This is our “doctor”. It protect us from viruses, bacterias, higher is resistant from diseases.

To much stress, unhealthy life stil, Geopathic stress Zone are main acters in the name of diseases different kinds. There are autoimmune diseases, chronichle pain, cancer diseases.

In general, the Bioenergy – energy therapy as well as Radiesthesia (dowsing) is a good complement for improvement of human health and welfare.

Health is in our hands

The basic rule is that every individual most responsible for  own health and well-being. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. This is actually a natural cosmic law of cause and consequence KARMA. Karma is a reflection of our present and future, based on our past actions, whether good or bad. The saying goes, what you sow, reap it;

If you are interested in learning more regarding karmic laws, you can also read an interesting book Journej souls 1 and 2, the author Michael Duff Newton, or any other related to it.




overly ambitious goals
• Geopathic stress zone

Measurements of vital energies

They are performed with instruments. Energy fluctuate, which show a completely general average state of man (high low potential, vitality, creativity, inspiration, self-esteem ..) at any given time measurements.
For a comprehensive average level of  biopotential individual would have to perform a number of measurements to be able to get a satisfactory statistical average biopotential of man.

Namely human energy varies considerably from hours in the day, being, fatigue, food, hunger, etc.. Indeed, there appear a number of factors, which affect only the strength biopotential.

Anger, stress can cause run-off huge amounts of our energy, reduces our body’s resistance.



Notice: Biotherapy treatment  is not replacement for medical treatment at your doctor!

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