aura– Analaysing and observation of entropy level of the body – on the whole and different systems and organs separately;

– Quantitative estimation of the fear level objectively;

– Prognosis of characteristics of illness process;

– Determination of indications, contraindications in/and applying different types of therapies;

– Research of influences of different types of therapies on the base of energy homeostasis; development of indicators for synergy of remedies and medical or healing treatments;


– Investigations of individual reactions on influences of informational, energetic and physical medicine; oriental techniques, light, sound, ions in the air, magnetic fields, etc.;

– Development of quantitative criteria for professionals (athletes, rescuers, people that work under psychical stress, physician, etc.);

– Evaluation of psycho-dynamical and bio-energetic results obtained with joint psychical training, meditation, healing

– Studying of post-mortem processes;

– Studying of structural changes of water and biological fluids;


Video shows the procedure of  Aura imaging – At the moment is only in slovene language without subtittles!