Gangrene leg, diabetic foot, fingers are curable in most cases with natural distance energy healing. Specially if the alternative treatment gangrene leg is timely. Alternative energy healing of diabetic leg, fingers with biotherapy has excelent results witch show experiences of treated clients. Timely care and supply which need gangrene, diabetic neuropathy peripheral nerve is natural therapy  with bioenergy, this enable curing.  Also can natural remote energy healing prevent amputations as well as the spread of necrosis gangrene and death of the fingers in about 95% our clients.

Also we work in live, but gangrene treatment lasts from at least 5 therapies to 21 energy treatmens.

Symptoms and signs of diabetic leg, foot, fingers

Signs of gangrene are changed color to blue and burning pains even during sleep at night from knee to foot.

There are open wounds on the legs, ulcers of the foot or heel which often do not heal, causes insufficient blood supply to the extremities – necrosis.. Gangrene of foot or leg ussualy caused diabetes, also exist other causes – trombosis, blood clouts..  Often diabetes caused nerve damage, legs becames nervous,restless and deaf, tingling in the fingers.

When in veins is “marmelade” instead blood, cause is known. Another danger is the thickening of the blood, the possibility of blood clots. These people often move very little or nothing, what is again danger for blood. Blood must run properly in entire body.


gangrene leg, diabetic gangrene, diabetic fingers, natural healing gangrene


What kind is right supply and care for diabetic leg, when wounds not heal?

Biotherapist improve work of pancreas, heart and improve blood circulation of whole body and specially in leg.  Timely alternative healing could save  leg. In the whorst casecould stop the extension of gangrene, it means smaller amputation if is needed. Therefore, biotherapy containes the best “domestic remedies, herbs”, what body needs. Gangrene could be dry or wet.


gangrene leg, diabetic gangrene, diabetic fingers, natural healing gangrene gangrene leg, diabetic gangrene, diabetic fingers, natural healing gangrene

1. PICTURE- BEFORE BIOTHERAPY        2. PICTURE – AFTER 5/21 BIOTHERAPYS (click on photo for enlarged)

See the example gangrene before biotherapy (1.picture) and our fifth -4 biotherapy treatment was performed on the distance, fifth therapy healing treatment – in live represent second picture!

We believe that the additional words superfluous! In cases where the danger of amputation, consider yet other alternative solutions. Specifically, alternatively bioenergy therapy healing is not yet complete (in this case), biotherapy usually lasts up to 21 days for gangrene. Bioenergy distance healing treatment is equally successful as biotherapy in live.

We also recommend to use our bioenergy system BIOSTIMULATOR, which naturraly improves blood circulation and with it better supply of oxygene and food to cells, specifically at night, when we sleeping or at people, who have less movements for a long term.

Symptoms and signs at wet gangrene

They are that wound is running the manure, while in dry gangrene limb becomes totally black (a total necrosis, death of the finger tissue does not heal). Worse predisposition to treat is the dry black gangrene if only has any life in it,  there are opportunities, but certainly bio therapy offers solutions, limit the spread of the surrounding areas of the legs or feet.

Indeed, only changingopen wounds on the legs and the foot does not mean treatment

This only is to prevent infection itself  but also nothing other happens. Check out effective methods of treatment with bioenergy, how to remove gangrene and amputation avoided when they present the first signs and symptoms of the disease!

Bioenergy naturally improves blood circulation in the extremities, the better the care of the foot and fingers with blood, more about the treatment and outcomes of treatment when the soil erodes the legs begin to heal and gangrene disappearing.


gangrene leg, diabetic gangrene, diabetic fingers, natural healing gangreneIn the long term, we recommend to increase blood flow a better care of diabetic foot and diabetic foot uses – bioenergetic device BIOSTIMULATOR for all people, which is impaired circulation in the legs.

Often due to poor care occurring pain and cramps, which at night during sleep pronounced, even poor sleep poor circulation causes the blood starts compacted increases the risk of clots in the veins, leg veins, thereby clogging arteries.

The occurrence of necrosis (death of tissue) is so common, especially during immobile or. fewer moving people and people, especially where it is present even diabetes.


In the acute phase, we recommend priority treatment with bioenergy an effective therapy and care for the diabetic foot and healing of wounds and ulcers of the fingers or toes, which also operates in the distance, verified! Bioenergy also enhance the performance – the function of the pancreas, which causes diabetes, and this vascular disease due to elevated blood sugar levels.

WHY open wounds on the legs, ulcers of the foot, finger does not heal?

Causes created by diseases of blood vessels, arteries, veins, capillaries. Veins are usually blocked at these patients, long-term excessive cholesterol, elevated sugar, thereby deteriorating the blood supply legs, fingers. Coming to the increasing narrowing (stenosis) of blood vessels and, consequently deteriorating blood circulation and thus the supply of the limbs. This causes necrosis, thrombosis of the legs, in diabetic patients requiring vascular disease caused by diabetes with insulin, reduced functioning of the pancreas, a set of all represents an heart to work harder when trying to meet the needs of the blood. For example, in healthy humans, the open wound cure itself in a few days already from day to day to see positive changes healing.

Therefore, diabetic foot and diabetic leg requires effective integrated treatment of all responsible organs, which is effective only with bioenergy (at least so far)!

Preventive recommend to all, which have diabetes and disease of blood vessels our preventive examination of the entire body with the system AURA GDV. Here disease are visible well before the creation in the physical form. Aura could shows the first signs and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, malfunction of the nervous system such as nervous and restless legs.

Poor blood  circulation caused burning feet and soles at night during sleep, numbness of the toes, pain and cramps in the legs, calves. It is recommended for diabetic patients also self-examination of the foot and fingers.

Because of poor blood circulation we generally recommend Biostimulator for long term support at diseases.

When You know, how to prevent or remove complication of diabetes naturally, when only healthy food and diet are  not enough!

Deep vein thrombosis LEGS circulatory disorders – poor venous blood circulation in the legs

Symptoms and signs of venous thrombosis may be acute pain in the calf, leg swelling around the ankle, lower leg, the thigh may occur as sores and ulcers on the legs, affects the foot, finger. Footer starts due to ischemia blue. The wound on the limb, the limb is often not the whole present pain .. Similarly as in patients with diabetes, it is more common in cancers. It caused the partial or complete blockage of veins in the leg.

gangrene leg, diabetic gangrene, diabetic fingers, natural healing gangreneThrombosis leg requires immediate treatment with anticoagulants. Clots in the veins veins of the legs are very dangerous, because only you can peel off and get into the lungs, resulting pulmonary embolism or get into the heart, it is a common cause of death.

Known causes of thrombosis legs as obesity, smoking, lack of exercise after surgery (patients speedily, therefore harvesting in the legs to improve blood circulation), contraception, hormone replacement therapy, pregnancy, and there are also unknown” causes.

When the cause is unknown, it is called idiopathic thrombosis of the leg.

As we have repeatedly pointed out in our website, are hidden, therefore, often unknown causes geopathic nature – different earth radiation, which on long-term caused diseases at night, during sleep and as such disable effectively treatment of any kind of methods!


Experience our client

I am  Roman Vidic from Novo Mesto (New Town), I am a diabetic patient with gangrene. After the amputation of two fingers on leg,  gangrene expand to other fingers . I decided to biotherapy at you and after complet  therapy, the situation of those affected fingers greatly improved . Enlargement of the gangrene stopped. During your therapy, I bought the recommended bioenergy system Biostimulator with which I am very satisfied , because of better well being and sleep much better. Greetings !

Diabetic Neuropathy Nervous system disorders 

gangrene leg, diabetic gangrene, diabetic fingers, natural healing gangreneSymptoms, signs of diabetic neuropathy are tingling occurs, which take place from fingers foot to knee, foot burning, tingling in the feet and soles of the feet, nervous legs at night. In practice, people often describe these problems in advance before the onset of gangrene.

Disturbed is sleep, there can be extreme pain, the analgesic tablets which in certain cases can be reduced significantly. Often, diabetes late discovered, and thus its treatment.

Elevated blood sugar cause long-term systemic failure of all body organs, including the cancellation thereof (Eye-ocular retinopathy, heart, kidneys  ..). Nerve damage in the feet, impairment of the peripheral nervous system causes reduced sense of touch, heat, cold, patients often start tripping …


Open wounds on his finger leg foot is mandatory to be sterile and loosely wrapped, in order to avoid infection! We also recommend the use of socks with  mark of Heart. They not compress the veins in the calf legs. While sleeping at night keep slightly padded headboard, so that the legs are lower than the level of the heart – due to a better blood supply to the foot and fingers on leg!

Notice: natural distance energy healing of diabetic gangrene leg is not replacement for medical treatment and not represent any diagnosis! Consult with Your doctor!


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