Dear Sirs,
I would like to thank you for all you’ve done for me and my husband. 3 years ago you did a radiostesy measurement at my place although I did not trust it. You discovered possible diseases even though I felt completely healthy. So I did not decide to buy a neutralising bio-energy shield Biostimulator….. That was my big mistake. 3 years passed and I got all diseases which you had predicted on the basis of your measurements. I got ill and the diseases appeared one after another…At the end I got a bad pneumonia and had to be cured in the hospital. Also my husband had more and more restless sleep, often waking up with a pain in his neck and backbone. I wanted to stop this agony so I decided to contact you again. I ordered neutralising bio-energy shield for both of us, but without my husband’s knowledge. Even though he did not believe in the power of bio-energy shield Biostimulator there were positive changes: no more cold legs, improvement of blood circulation, less pain in his neck and backbone, better sleep. Due to the fact that I had more negative radiation the reaction was worse for me. 3 weeks passed when I was able to sleep normally again, without feeling all the surrounded energy. Now all these is behind me, I feel excellent. I sleep well and wake up restful. The doctors still treat me after pneumonia but I know that all will be soon behind me.
Today I know that I could have prevented or at least softened my troubles if I decided for a purchase at that time.
Once again I would like to thank you and express my wish for you to continue with your work which can help many other people.
Kind regards, (Irena Š., Kamnik)


The radiestesy measurement showed the actual reasons for the problems my wife and I had. (The wife had to have an operation before to solve the problems). As I wanted to get rid of the problems I had I decided to purchase the neutralising protection shield produced by the company ALTERA.
Already during the first night I no longer felt the pain in the kidney area of the back, which I used to have every night. After less than six months I had a regular check up and to my surprise the results were much better then before. My wife and I are very satisfied, and our general wellbeing is greatly improved. Thus I am of the opinion that people who suffer from various medical problems should turn to the company ALTERA, for they will be able to advise you and help you.

( V. Rudolf., Kamnik )


I am surprised as regards the exactness of the diagnosis based on the radioestesy measurements. Even though I was sceptical at the beginning I am now completely satisfied. Following years of insomnia and cramps in my legs this is now a thing of the past.’

(Mr. Ferdo., Šentvid, Lubiana)


I no longer have so many problems with my heart, the arrhythmia has eased and I also sleep better. I am very satisfied with the neutralisation protection shield and I recommend it also to others.’ Even problems with my spine are much smaler.

(Mrs. Ana.,Trbovlje)



My husband has been ill for some time to sleep. He had a strange and depressing dreams. We decided to do something we do to these poor night’s sleep cease. We buying a protective shield Biostimulator and tried.
We are pleased to inform you that the man from the application of  Biostimulatorj improved sleep, dreams have disappeared and his living being is better. We noticed that new protective field has a positive effect on his sleep. Thank you for your understanding and advice.

Sincerely, (Lydia S., Ajdovščina)


I am surprised over the accuracy of diagnosis based on dowsing at  my bedroom. Though I was initially a skeptic, I am now quite happy. After several years of insomnia and leg cramps is it for me finally past.

Ferdo G.Ljubljana


The pillow Biostimulator (protection against radiation) I am very pleased. With my heart I no longer have as much trouble as it was before, because I was every two months for a few days in the hospital. Arrhythmia slowed down, even sleep I had improved. I hope it will remain so, because in my 77 years, I can not expect miracles, but the cushion gives me hope.Even the spine I have fewer problems and since I have a pillow, I still did not lay in bed, as it has happened before. By neutralizing the protection’s very pleased, recommend it to others. “Ana G., Trbovlje


I would like to inform you that I’m over your protection Altera very excited and happy. So far I have about her only words of praise.
While I was normalized blood pressure, sleep to me is improved and the general state of health.

Really great!
Mary B., Ig near Ljubljana




When I was in early September 2004, decided to radiesthesia measurement of my bedroom, I said why not”.
In the bedroom appliances are detecting radiations (with beeps) in all directions. Now what, I say? You told me that this can be prevented by Biostimulator”. Because I slept very badly at night here after two or three hours, had been sitting in the kitchen, not every night, but many times, I decided to buy it. Since that day, I sleep peacefully, if I wake up, I fall asleep quickly back. Have no longer walks around the house at night, the morning headaches are less frequent. I am grateful to you for Biostimulator, believes it really helps.

Anica P., Kranj




So much to hear from me yesterday we all went to bed quickly because we were interested in how to sleep with this biostimulator. Mom: a reaction in his left arm and shoulder (it hurts and is swollen but not full) says, however, that she slept like a top and very deep. Even during the day by pulling back on it and says it’s ok ful.


Samo: Just says exactly where you told him that there is a problem with your lungs and spine is said to be felt crawling all night and that something is happening. It also says that it is great and to feel more energy.

I: at night I felt chills through your spine, sleep deeply and I do not hurt this morning when I got up. Usually hurts left kidney, shoulder and rump area, as shown by the aura exam. (not much, but today  was  zero of pain). For myself I can safely say that I feel really relaxed and calm like a long time not. This is a beautiful morning when you get up, and this does not hurt.

Absolutely, we have lunch, soon everyone back into our Biostimulators!

Greetings, May



Opinion of the costumer, which was sent via the form on the website:
Name and surname: Mojca Skočaj

Email: Z…skocaj@iol.net
Telephone number: 041 421 5..

Your experience with us: Hello Roman, First let me say that today on 09/01/2014 I feel very good, the therapy has passed a little more than a month, my problems were from the official Medicine – depression. I know that this was not so, is it all started with a slight dizziness and fatigue, and rhinitis. Doctor prescript me  antibiotic because it is thought to have a sinus infection, according to antibiotic to me is terrible health condition deteriorated, there was a dazed , nausea and terrible pressure in the head, and cracking in the ears and stomach problems I am experienced also 4 terrible panic attacks, man can not imagine how it makes your body! As the official medicine has been found, we  nasal mucosa, all other findings were ok,  I should also fulfill the questionnaire which would be seen if I can be signs of depression, this was negative. My pains were day to day worse. I looking all the options and called Roman- , which is further carried out Earth measurements- dowsing in the bedroom – of  Geopathic stress zone. I decided to buy bioshield- Biostimulator, let me say,  thisblanket” helped my muscles to relaxed-without cramps, the pressure  no longer fluctuated, I feel good, I have no more of nausea, dizziness, stomach is ok. Roman, thank you, without your therapy and pillows Biostimulator I do not know if I’d feel as good as it !!

Greetings! Mojca

Allow to post my experience on the website: Yes

Mr. Svetlin after looong time we had with my husband in the morningopened” nose. Obviously something is going on. Thanks and best regards, Ksenija


I am  Roman Vidic from Novo Mesto (New Town), I am a diabetic patient with gangrene. After the amputation of two fingers on leg,  gangrene expand to other fingers . I decided to biotherapy at you and after complet  therapy, the situation of those affected fingers greatly improved . Enlargement of the gangrene stopped. During your therapy, I bought the recommended bioenergy system Biostimulator with which I am very satisfied , because of better well being and sleep much better . Greetings !



(Note: we have all original documentations of  our costumers)



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