MOST COMMON HEART DISEASES, SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS alternative treatment for heart

Troubles with heart often appear during sleep at night such as fast ticking, too hard beat, faster pulse while at rest, pain in heart area. Also thyroid gland, kidneys, diabetes has huge impact on work of heart, high blood pressure besides overall stress. Find out, how to natural eliminate or lower heart problems, improve heart’s function, what kind of methods of alternative healing exist and causes, when appear those problems (symptoms and signs):



edema (swelling) of the lower limbs, swelling of the legs
Dyspnea shortness of breath and difficult breathing
Coughing and wheezing (cardiac asthma)
• Fatigue, weakness, general lethargy, pallor and cold skin
Do you have bad blood circulationcold hands, feet, orthopnea (a halfsitting position during sleep at night, You can’ sleep, feel fear)
tachycardia accelerated rate, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)


Recommended is daily exercise, but, what we can do if  disease has to high level, we can’t even walk about 30 minutes and each step represent a huge problem or is need urgent – distance energy help?


Our suggestion is based from two points: 1.BIOENERGY NATURAL HEALING (usually are improvements seen after first energy session, relief breathing and less swellings, which is sign of strengthened heart muscle ) and  second: elimination most common cause (GSZ), use our bio energy product – Biostimulator, see bellow:


Have you thought that you can also sleep on Geophatic stress Zone?


While sleeping we are exposed to different typs of natural Earth radiations – underground water veins, Hartmann and Curry lines, what in many cases causes various forms of chronic as well as heart disease.

With  bioenergy pillow Biostimulator  I am very satisfied. With my heart I have no longer   as much trouble as it was before, my arrhythmia was reduced, because of it I was every two months for a few days in the hospital. Even sleep was improved. I hope it will remain so, because in my 77 years, I can not expect miracles, but the Biostimulator gives me hope. Even the spine problems are lower and since I have a pillow, I still did not lay in bed, as it was happened before.Neutralizing  protection I  recommend it to the others. “Ann Grahek., Trbovlje




Common causes of Heart disease
pulmonary disease (emphysema)
• Different combinations of natural Earth radiation (arrhythmias, myocardial infarction, cardiac asthma)

OZILJEThe causes of many diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, heredity, overweight, smoking, alcohol; The consequences are evident in the excessive aging’ arteries, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, angina pectoris.
Veins are constantly stretch and in cases of persistent high blood pressure are becoming less elastic, which leads to vascular diseases. Heart disease are arterial hypertension, cardiac asthma, arrhythmia, an enlarged Heart, angina pectoris, Heart failure, pain around heart; In the case of illness, consult your doctor.
Problems and cardiovascular disease are often very discreet, but they are also largely associated with the kidneys, adrenal glands. Cardiovascular diseases are also more numerous in Western countries (eating habits, lifestyle). Much emphasis has in this silent disease, atherosclerosis or narrowing of blood vessels, resulting in a Heart attack. Angina pectoris occurs consequence of atherosclerosis, accompanied by intense pain especially in the left arm, neck, around the heart.
Fortunately,  the Heart is very flexible and long carries many burdens, also due to other factors or bodies which weaken.


Heart and Cardiovascular system
KRVOTOKHeart is a symbol of love, its operation does not rest and is rightly one of the most significant bodies.

Heart   triple heater, if you have blood disorders stagnates, the body has no power, no joy. At the heart problems also affect various depression, fears, emotional problems excitement. The Heart is a hollow muscle pump, which drives the blood through the veins (due to the rhythmic contraction of the heart) the bloodstream, initially in the aorta, which it branches off into two major artery supplying food and body cells; Arteries are further split into smaller arterioles and capillaries remain. Consumption of blood is returned after veins and is pumped through the heart to the lungs, where it is  reoksigened.

Blood pressure:
Blood pressure is the pressure caused by the flowing blood on the walls of blood vessels. The highest blood pressure in the left heart ventricle.
Blood pressure is measured at the upper arm artery (usually the left hand)

Systolic pressure UPPER PRESSURE
Diastolic pressure LOWER PRESSURE
Normal values ​​are indicative of pressure 130/80 mm Hg 

Alternatively, treatment of heart best describes the old saying: Scope bandwidth is connected to health and longevity. The larger the volume, the shorter the lifespan. In the case of heart disease is also recommended moderate movement, especially walking, walking in nature, adequate nutrition, smaller meals, excessive food intake is hand increased strain on the heart.




In particular, water veins, Hartmann and cosmic radiation have influence on Heart while sleeping.
Examples from practice also show many problems with Heart

•BIOSTIMULATOR (bio energhetic shield, for better sleeping, it improve blood circulation, relief work of Heart, also serve as a protection , prevent against Geopathic stress zone (removal) – underground water veins, Hartmann lines and Curry lines crossing and as a bioenerghetic support at diseases.

•TELE – RADIESTHESIA (distant measurements radiation, dowsing  in House, Apartment, Room, Bedroom, Office)

•AURA EXAMINATION (exam organs and glands – discovering problems, diseases on time, include Heart)


Alternative treatment – healing of heart failure with bio-energy in a natural way is targeted therapy adjusted according to the typetype medical condition which Biotherapist implemented. Effectively improves heart function, strengthen the heart muscle (also when it comes to chronic inflammation of the lining around the heart) and kidney function, which is often seen in the swollen ankles and feet, which are often the very next day collapsed” as well as arrhythmia and fatigue lowered. Effective therapy  for several heart disease (angina pectoris, failure of the heart muscle) that a patient are often already after the first treatment easier to walk upstairs – with less effort.

Bioenergy therapy works equally effectively at a distance! Effectively it reduces the stress and stimulates the immune system. In the body are all required “home of” the self-healing” required to activate.

( alternative healing naturally, it contains all needed “natural home medicines, herbs” and improve heart’s function without side effects. Energy therapy is relaxing, reduces stress and works on whole body, improve blood circulation in legs and other organs and reliefs work of heart.It lasts about 20-30 minutes, depends of state of organs)

Get your own experiance today, because only this can convince You!


Alternatively bioenergy angina pectoris, hypertension, cardiac asthma, after infarction of the heart. Bioenergetic relief work of the heart.



Picture: see Hartmann radiation on the heart
Have you considered that Earth radiation may induce an abnormal Heart rhythm arrhythmias and cardiac function poor and disease?



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