How to remove epilepsy naturally?

How to remove epilepsy you may see below. Natural energy healing gives effectively results even at first session treatment. Hidden cause may be geopathic stress zone at sleep. Energy healer works effectively also on distance!

How to remove epilepsy, epilepsy, signs, symptoms, causes of epilepsyWe recommended alternative healing with bioenergy.

Alternative-natural healing epilepsy with bioenergy  have both therapies- for  mild and heavy attacks of (grand mal) and works at a single cause. Biotherapist -energy healer  carries out specific biotherapy.

Results therapies are highly effective regardless of the type of seizures (petit mal, grand mal), epi frequency of attacks is reduced, so that bioenergy basically works in a preventive sense – also works on distance!

How to remove epilepsy naturally?

Normally, the positive results of the irradiation of the brain with an bio energy healing therapy show so that after the first treatment to reduce the number of attacks, and the shorter is the time of the attack. For most people, which had daily seizures despite antiepileptic drugs, the effects are such that the next day have no more or less attacks. In bioenergetic sense is generated to high potential in the brain, resulting in a hostile reaction. This increased potential of brain Bioenergy significantly reduced immediately.

Energy healing therapy is recommended to carry out several cycles with an interval of one month if necessary.

A significant portion of which has natural healing is also that it does not contain any side-effects as normal various medications to reduce the symptoms.

In case of improvement your health condition, only your doctor could reduce or eliminate anti epileptic medicines!


How to remove epilepsy naturally, energy healing, energy healer

In our practice we seen a lot of brain problems causing natural Earth radiation (so called Geopathic stress Zone) during sleep.

Picture represent those radiations crossing  on head area at person “B”.

This is common hidden cause, that brain has to large potential and causing epilepsy, attacks.

Also, some types of radiation also could cause first symptoms and signs as chronic headaches, even brain tumor.

Other causes could be because of some side effects of medicines for other disease.


BIOSTIMULATOR – it remove Geopathic stress Zone (protection against radiations), works also as biotherapist- anti inflammatory and pain relief. At some people because of using, epilepsy don’t returned.



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Notice: Removing naturally epilepsy is not replacement for medical healing