Right position bed in bedroom

Position bed in master bedroom is important because it affects on health. What is the right position of bed for sleeping, depending on the direction of the sky? Sleep disorders such as insomnia and chronic fatigue, when you are without energy, are the first symptoms, that is  bed positioned on the unhealthy place! The position of sleep has a major impact on health and disease. Protect your health in a natural way, take a look at how and what kind is an effective natural protection against the Earth’s harmful radiation.

Dowsing in flat have correct  and right answer on which side not  to / or sleep as per vastu. See, why..

Where to place bed in the bedroom  for healthy sleep?  Healthy bed is that one, which is located on neutral geopathic place, where is not present of Geopathic stress Zone.

spanje3The most people means, that the right direction of positioning bed is North – South. Many  our cases, studies have shown that without dowsing, it is still a blindly position bed “.

So, the “bestposition head on the North- legs on South does not provide for the health and, accordingly, sleep well, if in this location we located  on harmful radiation. Also important is the correct location for office, child’s room.

What kind of geopathic radiations are known and could be measured?

Radiesthesia deals with the measurement of radiation of underground water veins, Hartmann and Curry lines and about the impact of electromagnetic radiation (domestic electrification, power lines ..). All these negative effects created by the first, initially minor sleep disturbances, which can be reflected later as chronic fatigue, that you are without energy and causing disease, often from unknown” cause, whereas the situation of inadequate sleep. The bedroom is one of the most important places for measuring radiation, because we spend there more or less then 8 hours per day at the same place! Read between the lines- each organ or gland is exposed to them and because of it, may lead to malignant or benignant changes of cells!

It is no coincidence that the world famous herbalist Rudolf Breuss (cured over 45,000 incurable” people) in his book The treatment of cancer and leukemia statement: Everyone who suffer from serious diseases, cancer or chronic, is mandatory call dowser to measure radiation in case if man lie on water veinsotherwise my effective anti-cancer cure can not help!


NOT TO POSITION BED INCIDENTAL, CHOOSE OUR OFFER radiation, distant – measurements in the bedroom today!


Altera recommends  detection tele – measurement of radiation of Beds, because is the only way to accurately determine the correct position or favorable position for sleeping – the location for the proper placement of bed and sleep this way -the best natural protection against radiation!

For this reason, therefore there is no “best” recommended Coordinate North – South to sleep. It is not so easy, it’s just a statistical answer. How do you know , where some radiation in house , apartment, bedroom are located or not? It would look like in two different persons, for example, which have both a headache. For example, the first having headaches due to stress, another troubling headaches due to a tumor. Therefore, it would help both of painkiller, but it is not so .. So both have a different diagnosis, such as the different radiation on your or another location. For more information, you can see here ..


pravilna postavitev smeri posteljeMeasuring radiation is only right and proper choice and include: production sketches lines radiation (natural crosses radiation, water flows ..) detect bad spots on the bed (foci of the disease) according to this basis, it is possible to determine the disease of people and analyzed the sleeping area and advised if necessary, the most appropriate real sleeping position. This will give the best and the correct answer, where to turn the bed in the room!

What problems or diseases caused by inappropriate LAYOUT bed?

Trouble sleeping is just one aspect of many others. In practice Radiesthesia,  problems are diverse – from chronic diseases, autoimmune, cancer and incurable”. And that just” because of improper position of bed.”

Learn more about the effects of radiation on sleep and health can be found here ..

Layout bed for example, feng shui is recommended diagonal from the door, and not for example in a situation door window, but also this position of sleep at night it is necessary to  check (with dowsing), that it is only way to be sure, are we located on geopathic stress zone or not

Nothing in the world is not accidental, as well as the fact that we are healthy or sick. The correct position of the mattress, beds or  with it direction of sleep has a major impact on health. In practice we have performed over 19,000 measurements of radiations and the negative radiation causes many serious incurable” diseases, not just sleep disorders and insomnia All these problems with sleep are also present at children and  not just at adults. First of all, they decreased our immune system, which canceled all processes of repair, and it became ” blind” for modified cells (malignant or benignant changes). This are facts, believe or not believed  – based on detecting harmful radiations, we make “alternative medical examination” of person’s, which not represent officially diagnose( that can give You your doctor or specialist) and is hiden cause –  This cause also may disable effective healing different methods of healing!


RADIESTHESIA, when questions get the correct answer, where to and why they should be placed  the bed  in room as well as in cases where beds we can not move (space limitations) offers alternative solutions (protection against harmful radiation – stress zone). Also at questions on which side we have  / not  to sleep as per vastu…



We recommended to use our natural bioenergy system BIOSTIMULATOR,  which is protection against Geopathic stress Zone and also serves as a biotherapist, improve sleep, supply more energy to human, better well being and much more..


Heal the real cause, not symptoms”

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