EARTH RADIATION AS A CAUSE OF DISEASES, RADIESTHESIA Bioenergetics at home, bio-energy measurements

Hartmann -curry-sevanje

GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONE – could be detected by dowsing

Different combinations of Earth radiation (Hartmann and Curry net, underground water currents, veins – radiesthesist measure), which intersect in parts of bodies Hartmann – curry-radiations cause of these diseases. Organs therefore start malfunction, which initially indicates to as a chronic lack of energy, morning fatigue -feeling as we work the whole night, stiffness, which in turn weakens the immune system, and thus enables on a long-term development of the disease (including cancer), as well as these, in which the cause is often unknown autoimmune diseases (Sjögren’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Hashimoto‘s syndrome, lupus, ..)


During sleep, the body is restored, repaired, or if it is overloaded, the reconstruction process is not happening, so the immune system (our only doctor) does not receive enough energy and thus terminate the processes needed for the restoration and healing. The immune system defends us against viruses, bacteria, fungi, uncontrolled growth of abnormal, examplecancer cells.


sleep disturbances waking at night particularly between 2 and 4 hour in the morning, insomnia, headaches (including morning headaches), colds, respiratory system, allergies, leg problems, difficulties, pain of joints, spine problems, disorders of blood circulation (cold feet, hand cramps), depression, pain after only a certain side of the body; children are turning at night on the other side of the bed, awakening during sleep, with chattering teeth, lying still on the fixed end of the bed, lying crosswise, sweating. . and ultimately disease.

This are first signs and symptoms, that Your bed is placed on  whorse, negative  position for Health.

Various radiation therefore has different effects on humans, certain radiation affecting primarily to sleep while the other on the glands and organs. Radiesthesist (dowser) measure the types and locations of lines radiation and, on this basis advise alternative solutions.

BEDROOM, OFFICE  are the most important area for review, because we hold (too) much time on one place. RADIESTHESIA therefore has a significant impact on health as well as treatment.



altera14 Picture example shows the junction of underwater currents and Hartmann radiation. The consequences are evident in the thyroid disorder, chronic headaches, tachycardia, as well as cancer diseases.


Radiesthesia (dowsing) as a science is very closely linked to concepts such as health, search (eg. Items lost, people ..), radiation, radiation, sleep, insomnia, radiation in space – bedroom, office, house, alternative and natural treatment used is for the diagnosis of the body (energy diagnostics), the suitability of food (any food is not suitable for everyone, which is good for someone, not necessarily to do with the other, or else may be harmful, causing digestive disorders (allergy, the immune system .. ), and ultimately to improve and maintain our health. The Earth is large geomagnetic field, it anomaly in such cases have a large influence on our Health.

Civilizations of the Egyptians, Etruscans, the Medici, the Persians, the Romans used the technique radiostesy to search for underground water, healthy places for sleeping. In the Middle Ages the RADIESTHESIA began to be used for the detection of other natural resources (underground mining), which can Radiesthesist (dowser) measured.

RADIESTHESIST (dowser) Discovering Health problems and Prevention:

With professional radiesthesy measurements of natural Earth radiation can also find existing problems and consequently the future. Measure and mark the bad spots in bedroom and recommend, if necessary, change the position of beds at a more favorable position.

Annual performed more than 1000 measurements of energy radiations bedrooms and office space. Dowsing discovering the causes of problems and Diseases, energy space radiation, radiation exposure, place or area of the body organs,  where often start problems, illness. The body organs begin to resist this, start over, or worse act that provokes consequent disease. Movements beds in a more favorable position may reduce problems, faster recovery (alternative natural treatment), because organs are no longer  on burdened radiation.



RADIESTESHESIS REVIEW OF THE HOUSE (apartment, bedroom, children’s room, room, office)
Radiesthesist with professional measurement and Accessories (pendulum,  L antenna and today the electronic apparatus for detects radiation, most of which are invisible to our eyes, they are odorless and thus our felt insensitive, with the exception of solar radiation (heat, light, cold, which can freely be detected). Dowser therefore based on measurements performed determine the type (types) radiation and location (where the bed is located- radiation), and advise. RADIESTHESIA offers  here good and efficient solutions.

There is also the question whether it is sufficient to just live healthy, we’re healthy? Is that really all?

Breuss_knjiga_naslovnicaAlready well-known and reputable herbalist Rudolf Breuss, who has helped many people (cured more than 45,000 cancer patients), in his book Treatment of cancer and leukemia (42-day diet) wrote, that no therapy is not effective if a man sleeps in the area  of harmful earth radiation, because it is rich in its practice noted, that people who are medicines, mostly suffering from serious illnesses, because they are laying in the area of Geopathic stress zone- where radiation crosses, which were measured and confirmed from many dowsers. It is therefore necessary to “cure” the cause – the origin of the occurrence of diseases that only this way do not return, and whether or not they arise.
Our practice shows that only a healthy lifestyle is not enough, should also sleep on a healthy place. The bedroom has therefore a major importants, because it means that practically at the same radiation we exposed as a third of our lives. Office represents another – second important area for the measurement of radiation. Radiosthesy therefore represents an excellent way to improve human well-being and health.

RADIESTHESIA eliminate the causes, body will be grateful!

At harmful radiation is not recommended for prolonged retention (especially in cases of sleepsleeping and working spacesoffices), as this may seriously compromise our health.
Indicators (animals) harmful radiations are: cat, ants ..




•BIOSTIMULATOR (bio energetic shield, for better sleeping, it improve blood circulation – the body get more oxyigen,  also serves as a geopathic protection – eliminating – blocker, prevent against of Geopathic stress zone (removal) – underground water veins, Hartmann lines and Curry lines crossing and as a bioenergetic support at diseases.

•TELE – RADIESTHESIA (distant measurements radiation, dowsing  in House, Apartment, Room, Bedroom, Office, most often cause of diseases)

AURA EXAMINATION (exam, examining your organs’ energy condition. It is also appropriate for examining the stomach, colons, intestine, duodenum, ileum, jejunum, apendix, colons transverse, colons ascending, rectum, caecum, sigmoid colon, organs and glands – discovering problems, diseases on time.


DISCOVER THE REAL CAUSE OF DISEASES, body will be grateful! Radiesthesia measurement of harmful  Earth radiations field in flat, house, room bedroom,  there exists a frequent cause!