Natural healing sugar disease

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Bio healing sugar disease, natural maintaining  diabetes, effective enable bioenergy, even when goes for chronic inflammation of pancreas. Diabetes could cause serious complications, failure most of  body organs such as heart, kidneys, visual impairment and even blindness, gangrene on leg, damage nerve system. See, how to remove diabetic problems on natural way..

Natural healing thyroid

How to remove thyroid problems, cyst, heal chronic inflammation -Hashimoto sindrom naturally? Get rid off  problems on natural way, without side effects with bioenergy – alternative healing. It balancing thyroid hormones and female hormones, when it working  slow or too fast. Checke out, what are hiden causes of autoimmune, cancer diseases…

Chronic kidney failure

Chronic inflammation kidney  lead to failure. What are common hiden causes disease, how to naturally improve kidney function? We recommended alternative – natural healing -treatment with bioenergy.

Brain tumor, metastasis

Primary tumor could cause metastasis on different organs or glands. It is present in adults and unfortunately  at the child. What kind is alternative healing with bioenergy for naturally remove disease, what are hiden causes for brain tumor, cancer?

Alternative healing liver

How healthy are our liver? Symptoms and signs of the disease are usually very late, because in the early stages do not cause problems. Treatment – healing of liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, cysts, liver cancer or failure, and it is for this reason usually late, as well as pain.

Alternative healing heart

 There are many causes which lead to heart failure and disease, and thus necessarily treat heart. High blood pressure, kidney disease, thyroid gland has huge impact on the heart, the heart’s rhythm, arrhythmias such as pulse leaps and thus cause disturbances and heart failure. The consequences are manifested as helplessness, problems such as difficulty breathing during sleep at night, often double-sided leg swelling (water retention), pain in the chest, what are the signs and symptoms of poor cardiac function.

Healing asthma

They are the symptoms and signs of asthma or bronchitis such as shortness of breath during exertion in sport, or you have difficulty breathing and irritating cough at night during sleep, problems such as wheezing when breathing out, catch your breath when climbing stairs, feeling that you have no air ? Learn how to naturally eliminate disorders of the lungs and what is the alternative treatment of asthma, bronchitis and COPD disease.

Lack of energy


Causes, that You are without energy and life will  are many times caused sleep disturbances, when the body in the morning instead get a lot of energy, it irreplaceable losing between sleep.This leads to malaise and depression.  This are first signs and symptoms the lack of life’s vital energy. In the long term this leads to various forms of diseases such as chronic fatigue, daytime sleepiness, and continued weakness. See how natural You can get more energy and eliminate fatigue, find out, where are the real causes, which permanently deprive the body of energy ..


What is the natural alternative treatment for chronic fatigue, when you are generally without life will and  have permanent weaknesses?

Right position bed in bedroom

Position bed in master bedroom is important because it affects on health. What is the right position of bed for sleeping, depending on the direction of the sky? Sleep disorders such as insomnia and chronic fatigue, when you are without energy, are the first symptoms, that is  bed positioned on the unhealthy place! The position of sleep has a major impact on health and disease. Protect your health in a natural way, take a look at how and what kind is an effective natural protection against the Earth’s harmful radiation.

Gangrene, diabetic leg, fingers




Specially if the alternative treatment is timely. Alternative healing of diabetic leg, fingers with biotherapy has excelent results.Timely care and supply, which need gangrene, diabetic neuropathy peripheral nerve is natural therapy  with bioenergy, this enable curing, also can prevent amputations as well as the spread of necrosis gangrene and death of the fingers!

Source of radiation consequences and symptoms

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When we talk about the origin of the Earth radiation, it is divided into non-ionizing so called as Geopathic stress zone , which deals with RADIESTHESIA (DOWSING ) and technical radiation (electrosmog, power lines, domestic electrification, radiation from cell phones, electrical appliances, ..), as well as ionizing (radioactive radiation, nuclear power) .