Bioenergy – biotherapy

Pain in shoulder, neck

 You suffer from chronic pain in shoulders  and neck or in other parts of ligaments and not know how to naturally eliminate it? Is present wear the shoulder, you can not lift your hands, you have pain in the shoulder also hinders sleep, is present tingling left or right hand especially at night during sleep? See how to remove chronic problems…

Brain tumor, metastasis

Primary tumor could cause metastasis on different organs or glands. It is present in adults and unfortunately  at the child. What kind is alternative healing with bioenergy for naturally remove disease, what are hiden causes for brain tumor, cancer?

Right position bed in bedroom

Position bed in master bedroom is important because it affects on health. What is the right position of bed for sleeping, depending on the direction of the sky? Sleep disorders such as insomnia and chronic fatigue, when you are without energy, are the first symptoms, that is  bed positioned on the unhealthy place! The position of sleep has a major impact on health and disease. Protect your health in a natural way, take a look at how and what kind is an effective natural protection against the Earth’s harmful radiation.

Gangrene, diabetic leg, fingers




Specially if the alternative treatment is timely. Alternative healing of diabetic leg, fingers with biotherapy has excelent results.Timely care and supply, which need gangrene, diabetic neuropathy peripheral nerve is natural therapy  with bioenergy, this enable curing, also can prevent amputations as well as the spread of necrosis gangrene and death of the fingers!

Bioenergy distance healing


Using distant therapy technique is equally successful as live. There are a lot of reasons for use bioenergy distance healing. Healer work target on problem of client; With energy healing we could influence on client’s biofield wherever he or she is in any time and anywhere, when is needed every percent of life function (urgent cases) in case of pain or diseases.

Benefits of biotherapy

Biotherapy healing

Why alternative bioenergy therapy?

Bioenergy is not invasive, has no side effects, unlike the medicaments. It does not apply scalpels, hammers shall apply only such as she is pure energy is indestructible intelligent, informed.

Its effects were also several medical clearance, which is at the same time, the phenomenon that is equally effective even when we working on distance. Healing the cause that symptoms do not return.

Source of radiation consequences and symptoms

alternativno zdravljenje


When we talk about the origin of the Earth radiation, it is divided into non-ionizing so called as Geopathic stress zone , which deals with RADIESTHESIA (DOWSING ) and technical radiation (electrosmog, power lines, domestic electrification, radiation from cell phones, electrical appliances, ..), as well as ionizing (radioactive radiation, nuclear power) .

Hypo – Hyperglycemia

meritve sevanj, zaščita proti sevanju
Too high blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) or too low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is a reflection of pancreas- malfunction of the pancreas. Do you have problems with blood sugar problems, do not know the cause, the solution?
COMMON hidden cause of the malfunctioning of the pancreas:
 Earth radiation magnetic field Hartmann cross, the underground water vessel to the region of the abdominal cavity may also be caused by improper (hypo hyper) function of the pancreas and hence of diabetes, inflammation, as well as cancer of the foot. This action results in such a way that the person is either high blood sugar and high blood sugar or low.