Scalar energy

Treatment with scalar energy

Healing with the use of scalar energy often exceed the capabilities of foresight and official medicine.


Tesla Metamorphosis represents a more advanced methods of treatment with waves scalar energy, the healing energy frequencies in excess of today treatment techniques.

You could even call it differently torsion field named as the Russians, in more recent times it was “discovered” dr. Eric Pearl The Reconnection and Anja Petrovic as the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis. The fact is that scalar waves discovered or been able to produce Nikola Tesla, the great genius and a scientist whose inventions, and his knowledge is still used today in practice.

Tesla healing waves could we perform also on distance!


Tesla is thus invented the waves, healing frequencies, which are increasing with the distance (getting stronger).


frekvIn TESLA METAMORPHOSIS therapies, many people report different cures. For this reason, it attracted much attention of scientists around the world, and as such bears the phenomenon. It is important that the treatment can happen very quickly. In most cases, sufficient three treatments.

Tesla waves are activated directly from the active ether (Fields), exactly as explained Nikola Tesla (not used any machines). Tesla explains that these waves differ from Herz electromagnetic waves; these waves (non-herz) energy flow does not stop, or change its path when they come into contact with either metal or leather.Tesla Metamorphosis health tends to lead to a frequency of light in the human body in perfect balance. Each disease, irrespective of whether it is shown on the physical, mental, or emotional level, the result of imbalance of the universal life force in the body, which can be seen as the frequency of the light. After re-establish the optimal frequency of light, begins the healing process at all levels.

Clients report that they are cured of cancer, a tumor of the prostate, lupus, heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, spinal injury, congenital malformations;


metamorphosis cells
cell The cell is the basic building block of life!
Therefore, it is necessary to accept that each disease state, due to lack of energy light in the cell.
Chronic symptoms are lack of energy hiding in poor eating habits, lack of physical exercise, stress, psychological stress, harmful geological Earth radiation (underwater currents ..), oxygen deficiency, genetics;

Using Tesla scalar frequency energy works in the body, consciousness and spirit, so the treatment is carried out at all levels of human existence!

For the metabolism of every cell applies the proper functioning of electro-chemical processes, and the need for sufficient energy to fulfill this function.
Tesla Metamorphosis health of cells in the human body cause the body to balance the light and, therefore, it starts the process of treatment. It should be noted that each cell in itself battery low“, which emits light. At disease, certain sick” cells emit light weakened, which is reflected in the difficulty in relational disorders.

Disease as such is usually layered as a set of specific factors the psyche of the individual lifestyle (exercise, diet ..) geobiological Earth radiation. Treatment with Tesla Metamorphosis -scalar energy to establish the optimal frequency of light cells in the body, allowing healing on all levels (factors which have led to the disease).


tretmanThe treatment takes about half an hour on the therapeutic table in complete silence.
Are there any reaction between treatment?
Depending on the individual, people feel tingling throughout the body, limbs, heat, many has experienced rapid twitching of the eyelids, heart pulse in certain subjects burgeoning again in some case to move extremities (feet, hands, twitching ..) or any other part of the body, shedding some see colors, detect different smells, different auditory phenomena, relaxation; The results follow very quickly.

After the third session, it is often already clear that occurred more visible changes, and in most cases insufficient to three sessions, namely to produce more cycles of therapy.

Practitioner -therapist carry out therapy torsion fields without touching or laying on of hands on the client.

PRICE: 70 EUR/session, could be also perform by distance (in this case, please send photo of your face via mail/mms/other forms comunications



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