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I have chronic problems with the spine because of narrowed spinal canal, I waiting for operation. Because extreme pain I have look your help. After completion of the second  biotherapy treatment were back pain extremely reduced. At night after a long time I slept again without pains. Marinčič Ann


Better health

Sara is every day better because of your bioenergy treatment at a distance, so the blood test results and radiography of the lungs. Thank you for such a quick cure, the doctors are amazed so rapid progress..Regards,  Kath


After a telephone conversation I am sending you a photo and ask for distant therapy treatment of gangrene my mother Mary ŠlojfJeromel. She was born 12/01/1927, suffered the brain stroke, have paralysis on the left side of the body.

distance biotherapy


Living chronology of distant biotherapy

1.Biotherapy treatment: On 13. Jun. 2014 15:17‘s person “Eva Mehwrote:

Through the morning,  was physical condition of mother much better than before (responsiveness, alertness, turning heads, ).
At the moment the leg did not change.
I told her for bioenergy distant healing and she agrees with this.
Even health praciter – nurse visitor noticed today that she have better response and positive change at her.

Hello there

2. Distant biotherapy: Mother’s condition in general is today already much better. Many more she eat and drink. The leg is obviously less swelling and redness of the knee. Except for the thumb and little finger appeared red and purple swelling, which are so far not been.
I wonder still, her left arm, which is the last brain stroke remained non-current if this was suitable have any further biotherapy session?
Thank you

3. Biotherapy:

Mother has so far been awake, she responds to the happenings around her. She wants to say something, but her voice is still eithout power. Now she enough eatt and drink.
The leg from the knee down is every day less swollen and warmer.
On 16 June 2014 15:41



Name and surname: BAVČAR, Nova Gorica:

Your experience with us: Our mother have a very difficult diagnosis. High blood pressure, heart failure, kidney failure of third degree, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia and a bunch of problems. On the day when I rode her for the first time on biotherapy, was very poor, so I did not know whether to take her to the emergency room or your therapy session. Doctors exception of tablets did not give any more chances.That means is, when will she be. But I did not accept with this and I was looking for opportunities, which lead me to the healer which the gold hands. I went to bioenergy.  At first day biotherapy was happened improvement, which has escalated from day to day, really hard to believe. Therefore I advise to anyone whom medicine does not help except for tablets, to try, as they can only own experience convinces in what I attempts you  to tell.



Because of my sleep disturbances I decided to biotherapy. The results were visible to my surprise the next day. Also is feeling much better after few days of therapy. I felt like a new man. “



“My diagnosis is diabetes. I have pain throughout the body (muscles), tingling toes. The third day of therapy I felt no more problems. “


“After chemotherapy, I was completely exhausted. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting and. The very next day after the natural bio treatment the situation was better and feeling. “


Mr. Roman, our aunt’s lungs are half better, blood also, the heart still acting up, but supposedly will help your therapy. A big thank you and best regards!”

(this is a statement party after the  the first distant treatment the next day, after the last was also significantly improved cardiac status)



Dear g.Roman

“I want to let you to know the effects of  your biotherapy for my eyes. In the first few days there was nothing change, but then in Saturday is the eye which I have defective eyesight began to emerge in the first phase see of colors, objects then, of course in color, but they was cut in half. I see  blurred around the middle, but it’s really hard to believe in fairy tales, that would be a change after 24 years. Doctors say that improvement will not be. Sincerely, VLASTA




After almost two months since I was at your therapy Tesla Metamorphosis, it’s time to call You and thank you for your help.
Hard pain in my right arm, left leg in the hip, problems with heart, and also I have diabetes.
I suppose you remember me in that I have much harder pain during  Tesla Metamorphosis therapy.
So pain I have never felt, except when you during therapy. For 15 minutes after the therapy are pains disappeared. After 14 days I can say that it has overheal over 80%. Many movements, which previously I could not do before, I can now do again. Also, my leg hurts no more, normally I can sleep on the left or right side. It is not yet clearbut I can say that I am still more than happy, heart also does not distress me more.

Greetings, Marjetka B.




“I have a father at the age of 70 years. Has prostate cancer metastasis to bone,  he have also cardiac arrhythmia.  From last year in the summer on the left  leg started a wound. Wound was strongly expanded, he was twice time on cleansing weins. After where removed wound to the right leg and has severe pain in both legs, he is actually paralyzed. We decided for you, he receive two priordistant  biotherapies, today is the third.

My opinion: the situation it is extremely improved and well-being, appetite, especially relief pains. Now he already driving around with invalid trolley. Also has tried to stand up for what three months earlier there was no trace. Left foot it is almost healed, the right will once again operated to clean necrosisI recommend natural biotherapy healing for everybody, who needs any help. Special thanks to Roman Svetlin, which is trying its best to my daddy.

Darja from Domžale



“I had chronicle headaches, neck pains and chronic asthma. After your first biotherapy session, pain in head was gone, disappear also troubles with breathing. True unbelievable, Aljosa Schek, Kamnik”



Medical examinations

Here are medical results of our Biotherapy before alternative treatment with bioenergy and after – with clicking on picture, You may enlarged it.

natural biotherapy treatment



























biotherapyBiotherapist cold perform natural healing on distance.

We recommended biotherapy sessions at all kind of disease as natural health support, without side effects.

Also when You have depression, lack of energy, stress or pain.


Bioenergy treatment speed up recovery after surgery, improves well being after chemotherapies, lowers toxins in the body.






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